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for A Revolutionary Heart

5/31/2013 c17 14RunForItItsJavert
ADORABLE! R is so cute! That chapter was just so sweet!
5/31/2013 c17 42Phoenixflames12
Thank you for updating and THANK YOU for bringing Grantaire into the equation again! I loved his interaction with Enjolras and it's really nice to see an author play on the cynical side of his character- well done and keep going! Much love x
5/31/2013 c17 54HardfacedQueenofMisadventure
O.O Perfect 3 My E/R feels are all over the place! *Gathers them into a neat bundle*
I hadn't realised quite how much the story needed this moment. But it did. They're made for each other.
Uh...ahem. That was a bit gushy. My bad.
Still, loved the chapter, and looking forward to the next one. Just how "up" are things going to look?
Mlle RXxx
5/31/2013 c17 twiggy31
awwwwwwwww that was beautiful! you are so amazing at capturing the emotions and relationships between the characters, very much looking forward to the next chapter :)
5/31/2013 c16 1HectorDoesGoRug123
Love this! Could we possibly see some more Grantaire next chapter?
5/31/2013 c16 42Phoenixflames12
I think I've just died from a cuteness overload! Oh this is adorable- I ADORE your characterisation of Bahorel here as a father figure for Enjolras- his tentativeness towards our broken revolutionary is just so heartfelt and really, really well done! Please continue- I can't wait to see where this is going! Much love x
5/30/2013 c16 52RainWillMakeTheFlowersGrow
Another great chapter! :)
And. Aarons hair.
Im calling it the Haaronpocalypse 2013
5/30/2013 c16 Enjolrasloverofl
This is enjolrasloverofliberty, but I'm too lazy to sign in right now ;) beautiful addition! Bahorel!a moments with Enjolras are touching. Update soon and keep up the awesome work :)
5/30/2013 c16 41Sarahbob
Okay, I just went out for some drinks and then I get back somewhere in the middle of the night and this is waiting for me! I couldn't be more happy :) wonderful chapter, honestly, your Bahorel is just perfect and sweet and gentle and it just fits him so well. I loved this! Only four more chapters to go! Oh my god, I'd better enjoy those four to the fullest then? i'd hate to see this one end, It's my favorite story! Anyway, great work, keep it up and good night! :)
5/30/2013 c16 5KBRCKCBlack
I loved this chapter. It was so sweet. Can't wait for the next update.
5/30/2013 c16 twiggy31
awwww i never really had bahoral down as one who would be so gentle and caring, but you wrote it so beautifully! cant wait for the next chapter! hopefully will see some grantaire in it soon?
5/30/2013 c16 5NightenGale10
Sad the story is comin to an end. I . Love how you have each student have bonding time with Enjolras.
5/30/2013 c16 54HardfacedQueenofMisadventure
Thank you for my daily dose of cuteness!
Seriously, these little interactions just get more and more adorable. And did you say there's going to be more action? Dun dun duuuun! I look forward to it :)
Mlle RXxx
5/30/2013 c16 14RunForItItsJavert
Nooo I'm gonna be so sad when it's over! And poor R! I love this story so much! So sweet
5/30/2013 c16 46guineamania
Haha YOU PUT THE HAIR THING IN! But ... But that's Grantaire's thing to do ... Only jokes, Bahorel can do it too! Just awwww though, so sweet
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