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for A Revolutionary Heart

5/12/2013 c12 twiggy31
aww their relationship is so adorable! looking forward to the next update :D
5/11/2013 c12 18SunWillRise2340
Awww, this is adorable! I love the Les Amis being very quiet, then Enjolras getting worried and everything! Great work as always!
5/11/2013 c12 41Sarahbob
Oh my god! My stupid e-mail isn't giving me fanfiction updtes anymore! To think I would've missed this chapter...

I looooved it! Absolutely loved t :) poor Enjolras. I especially like your interactions with him and the Amis, they are priceless. Can't wait fo hear the other Amis' reactions to what happened, especially Grantaire's.

Keep up the good work and pleeease update soon :)! Oh and congrats on being a sophomore, does your summer holiday honestly start now? I'm so jealous!


5/11/2013 c12 GoingDownWithTheShip
Oh my God YES! I missed this story soooo much! I just kept rereading old chapters... I LOVE IT! Please update again soon!
5/11/2013 c6 GoingDownWithTheShip
Awww! Nervous Enjolras...
5/11/2013 c12 62astoryinred
Awww. It must be frustrating for poor Enjolras to be ill. But as long as he's back on his feet, that's what matters more.
5/11/2013 c1 14RunForItItsJavert
Please update it! I love it!
5/8/2013 c11 RunForItItsJavert
I LOVE this story please update it!
5/8/2013 c11 Javert
Please update it! I love it so much
4/28/2013 c11 GoingDownWithTheShip
Omfg i LOVE this fic! Good luck with finals! Please update soon!
4/25/2013 c11 54HardfacedQueenofMisadventure
If he dies...I will cry.
I think that was your best chapter yet, personally. The tension was spot-on, and the last little bit with Combeferre was just too cute. I don't know how I'm gonna be able to hold on till the next update :)
On a side-note, I hope your finals go well, so good luck to you, and see you in a couple of weeks.
Mlle RXxx
4/25/2013 c11 4Books That Smell Good
Oh my... Nicked an artery... Great. You just killed me. I am about to murder that doctor. Poor Enjy!

Good luck with your finals, (I don't actually know what they are is it an American term? Hope I'm using it in the right way, I think it's a sort of exam or something). Update as soon as possible please!
4/25/2013 c11 31Kchan88
Oh goodness, well that made me get teary at work! So, so emotional, poor just EVERYONE, I really hope Combeferre will be be able to find Enjolras a better doctor to help fix what this doctor wrecked. I do hope Enjolras will be alright!

Good luck on your finals! :)
4/25/2013 c11 french anon
First i want to say that i love this fic very very much! I like the idea. It's somethig relatively new and not often seen which is so nice for a change!

I also wanted to say, as a french speaker, that when you write mon petite it is grammatically incorrect. Mon is masculine therefore 'petite' should be written as 'petit' instead. Giving you mon petit. Otherwise you have this awkward situation that calls Enj both a man and a woman...
Hope this helps! :)
4/25/2013 c11 42Phoenixflames12
I've just read this cover to cover and can safely say it's brilliant! I adore your characterisation of all the Amis especially Enjolras, 'ferre and 'feyrac and that plot line- please, please don't kill him! My little sister was born with a heart defect (she had open heart surgery aged 4 and she's fine now- thank god!) so this story's been pretty hard hitting everywhere- please keep going, you have an amazing talent and I am in awe of you!
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