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4/10/2013 c9 6RachelBarbraBerry1994
Oh wow this is getting reeeeeeeeeeally goood and you cant' leae us with that kind of ending! I have a few questions though. First what does it mean when someones bloodletting? What's a wescoat and a crvat? I hope you know what I'm talking about even though the misspelled words.
4/10/2013 c9 54HardfacedQueenofMisadventure
AHHHH! Don't do this to me! Don't kill him. Because I will cry, and be very sad.
Um, this is a very climactic climax(ish). Update as soon as you possibly can, pretty please?
Anyway, now I'm gonna take the time to say that this has become one of my new favorite stories. Everyone's very in character, and I can actually imagine this happening. Y'know...to the actual Amis...if indeed they were real. Uh, I'm babbling. Sorry.
Update soon!
Mlle RXxx
4/10/2013 c8 HardfacedQueenofMisadventure
...That was a little scary. Grantaire is a drunken a-hole. Telling Enjolras he's going to die no matter what...whoa. D'you reckon they'll kiss and make up? Just kidding, obviously.
Well, chapter 9 is also up, so I'll be moving swiftly on to it :)
Mlle RXxx
4/10/2013 c9 10MsTonksLupin
I've read the whole story and I'm incredibly amazed. It's probably one of the best stories I have ever read. I absolutely adore it and I simply can't wait for more! Courfeyrac has been a sweetheart all along, Combeferre is perfect, and excuse me but I'm in love with Grantaire, I'll always be, and the horrible things he says are actually very realistic and in character, I particularly adore chapters 1 and 8, and now I'm on the verge of my seat, please don't leave me like that, update soon, I need it!
4/10/2013 c9 18SunWillRise2340
Oh My Goodness! How? Why? But thank you for the three chapters, but you cannot leave us like this! I like Enjolras being stubborn - it suits him, and the reason for the heart thing - Grantaire's going to be feeling so guilty, I bet...poor guy - he really needs to learn to accept help, doesn't he? :) Brilliant, as ever - looking forward to the next update!
4/9/2013 c9 41Sarahbob
Oh my gosh! I felt like a kid in a candystore! Three chapters! I'm gonna be late for class now, cause i just HAD to read them first. And how truely amazing they are, I was on the ese of my seat. The fight beween Enj and Taire, very very well done :) and poor Ferre, he's so worried. I really really really can't wait for you to update again! With a cliffy like that, awesome. Keep it up :)
4/9/2013 c9 Cayr
Wow! What a treat to have so many updates in one day. And now you leave us with this cliff?! That's a little cruel, but I guess we can't complain that much seeing as the chapters have been amazing, fast-pasted and really engaging. Keep up the great work, get some rest, and update soon!
4/9/2013 c9 128OwenHarpersGirl
I had just turned off my computer and got into bed when my phone dinged to tell me I had an email. When I saw the email was a new chapter for this story I got out of bed and turned my computer back on. It's 1am and I have to be up in 6hrs, but it was so worth it to get to read this :) Can't wait to see what happens next! :D
4/9/2013 c7 62astoryinred
Enjolras' reactions are so believable. Poor boy. Good thing he has his friends to help him through this.
4/9/2013 c7 54HardfacedQueenofMisadventure
Oh, that was so cute. i have nothing else to say, really, other than I'm excited for the next installment. Yay!
4/9/2013 c7 4dance-sing-live
I got the biggest grin on mu face when I saw this in my inbox - and it didn't disappoint!
4/7/2013 c6 dance-sing-live
This is such an amazing story!
3/21/2013 c6 8J91
When the doctor asks Enjolras weighter he knows it and he says no... why doesn't he explain what he has? He only answers the "is it serious?" question. That seems odd to me. But Courf is being just a little sweetie trough this process.
3/21/2013 c5 J91
If I were Courf I would go wit Enj even when he wasn't nervous, because if he didn't go for years and keep this a secret, why wouldn't he now say he'd go, tell everyone he's fine and then just let it go.
And with Courf being so uptight about this... i already consider it a miracle he isn't asking Enj about weighter he kept more stuff from them other than the heart condition.
3/21/2013 c6 62astoryinred
Oh poor guy. Angina already at this age? I think the Amis will have to literally lock him in his lodgings to make sure he gets some rest. Nice work!
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