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5/15 c89 Cloudy09
This got another update LETS GOOOOOO!
Thanks for the hardwork mate.
4/19 c89 1Leapinglemur
Always a joy to read another entry in one of your stories
4/17 c89 Guest
As always, awesome story telling. Can't wait to see what happens next, please update ASAP! hahaha..
4/16 c89 6Blindluck92
I love how Ichigo's argument is basically, "Don't make me dip out again. That worked out for you soooo well last time, right?" And suddenly Tyresa is getting her house in order. Hopefully that lasts until they reach the surface, if not much, much longer.

Great chapter. Until next time, peace!
4/15 c89 vinayakdj1
Always been a fan of all your works, despite your multiple rewrites...and your A/N at the end cemented it.

Who cares about canon? Blizzard has too convulated a lore which they keep redacting anyways...what you have conjured, it's banana split and the current arc is syrup on top.

Chapter by chapter, arc by arc, this story has only gotten more and more exciting. I thought you could not top the desolace saga but you proved me wrong. Not only is this arc action packed like the elemental invasion, but is also filled with political intrigue and drama that makes for an exciting read.
I especially like how you have spent a large part of the past few chapters stressing upon the hellish enivronment of the battlefield... Even standing still in the molten core is life threatening for veteran. Not to mention actually fighting an army of elementals.
Something I wish Blizzard had thought about in legion. While I loved the expansion and how it proceeded, the Argus campaign felt like just another zone...not the hellish decades long build up of the final battle with the legion.

Lastly, A couple of points I wanted to highlight:-
- why do ppl like Galen and tyresa feel that the control of the nobles is absolute? Don't they know that the nobles can be overthrown or can be left high and dry? What kind of noble would disband 2/3rd of their kingdom's military might? Since neither of them have any clue that onyxia is behind all this, why would they assume that stormwind can afford to make enemies out of the magi, the paladins and the clergy?
And why can't they just migrate to theramore? Or kul tiras?
Surely the nobles can't hope to battle the scourge with just the stormwind guard?

- From tyresa's internal monologue and the reactions of the adventurers, it seems like people in stormwind have little to no idea about the events of shady rest, elder thalas and desolace campaign. Why is that? Is the nobility deliberately withholding info or did jaina keep ichigo's involvement hidden? Otherwise ichigo should have been famous by now since there were literally multiple factions and races involved... Sorry if you already mentioned this. It has been some time since this arc started.

- if Galen fears the withdrawal of support by the nobles why not mine the elementium and use it to become self sufficient in money?

- why didn't Galen take his doubts to bolvar fordragon? Does him being regent mean nothing? Sure the situation is delicate with the disappearance of Varian but this situation with Galen is an old issue not a recent one. Why would he not ask Varian for his help?

- if I recall correctly, didn't ichigo go to alcazar island(near theramore) to chill before heading for stormwind? Should be have senses Varian and onyxia 's minions there?

- at one point you mentioned nighthaven. I think you meant Lakeshore, the capital of redridge. Nighthaven is the capital of moonglade.
4/11 c89 Blackwing8
Tyresa is get a possible redemption arc? Ok I’m I’m board.

And i live ichigo telling those asshole were they can shove their opinions of him.

Good shit man and it’s good to see you and your story again!
4/11 c89 2TsukiBlade
My guy ive been reading you ever since 2015. Thank you for writing such amazing literature seriously. Seeing you post recently really did make my day. Also hahaha that hell diver 2 addiction getting ya hmmmm hahaha, its a really good game but truly hope to read from ya soon. This story is too good.
4/10 c89 TacticalFan
Thanks for the chapter!
4/9 c89 Paradox
Thank you for the chapter
Is there anywhere else you have your stories posted entirely cause the recent problems with this site Is scaring me on where to go to continue reading this if something goes wrong.
4/9 c89 nanox876
I still find the story to be really good, looking forward to how the fight against Ragnaros is going to go. Is the tropes page still being updated?
4/9 c89 Videoman8
Hope to see Adelina gagin
4/9 c8 Eddyg125
I really tried, but if this is how pathetic Ichigo is going to be, then I am out.
4/8 c89 Guest
That Jaina comment is kinda werid. Jaina's whole character is that she's hopelessly naive and idealistic and she famously regretted what happened with her father, especially since she basically DID betray not just the alliance but also her own people for personal reasons (remember that the people of Theramore mostly sided with the alliance and grand admiral prior, during and after the event). Her beliefs and actions are never vindicated because Thrall alone was the entire reason why the Horde hadn't gone full evil yet and the moment he was out of the picture that image completely fell apart. Blizzard's depiction of orc culture has always been evil barely restrained (but still peeks through with how they glorified genocidal monsters as heros and literally named their city after one) by Thrall and even the culmination of his ideas of the pre-demon "savage nobility" of the orcs can be seen in the genocial original orcs on draenor and the uber-genocidal Iron Horde. But you don't even need to look at the past or alternative timelines to see just how much Jaina's ideas of the horde (which ironically she basically never interacted with outside of Thrall so it's pretty presumptuous too) is based entirely on fantasy.
4/7 c89 ForTheHonor
Umm is Tyresa naive, or just stupid? The moment she tries to kill Galen, or tires to get him killed, Ichigo's gonna turn on her and if not out right kill her and her people then hell definitely leave them there to die. She has to realize that Ichigo follows his own code if honor and isn't going to ever see it her way. It's entirely possible that her betrayal is gonna trigger another episode in Ichigo. This world has yet to realize the terror of Vasto Lorde Ichigo.
4/7 c89 darkkrt
welp someone is about to make a BIG mistake and try to stab Ichigo in the back can't wait to see the fall out of that glad to see the update can't wait for the next
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