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5/11 c85 Guest
Hey yo. I’ve been following your story since day one. And it has been so many years...hoping to see you continue this wonderfully constructed storyline.
4/22 c85 808Joker808
Damn what a story, been a long ride. I have too much in my head to leave concise and detailed review but so far I like the pacing. Even if it's a little slow at times I like that you take your time instead of just rushing. As for the romance side of things I agree that it should come later, I too am a slow burn person. As for who it could be, you threw in some good options but at this point Imma give my vote to Jaina. Looking forward to more.
4/11 c85 Zyphuris
Ignore the morons who cant understand that a mortal body cant channel Ichigo's full strength as well as the fact that he is currently infected by a what is more or less an old god.

Hope to see another chapter. Be well.
3/31 c85 Xodarap
I first discovered this story years ago after reading your Warcraft LoTR crossover but I made multiple attempts to read through this story first time getting to chapter 50 then stopping till a long time I tried again from the beginning and reached the codexia ichigo meet up then stopped again.
Now having spent 3 months reading from the beginning of the desolace arc till I finally reached the last chapter I have to say this is a amazing story and while it took a while I can honestly say thank you for writing it even through all the depressing Angst and actual Bleach cannon drug rehabilitation parallels I can enjoy this story and look forward to what will happen next.
Though WoW infuriated me so much during those reading attempts like what the hell why does every one slot so easily into a cartoon villain plot to the most infantalizing degree than have the audacity to say their PoV just to sound so God damn stupid.
Thank you for writing this and hope things go well in your life.
3/10 c83 Topa
You're still alive? hello
2/28 c17 STR2000
boring all around, and ichigo is like a little bitch LoL,also why even bother to use the character ichigo and then just nerf and throw him around like a soccer ball
2/27 c2 STR2000
ch 01 memory loss... ichigo no longer...
2/16 c6 Meltricon12
My god this ichigo is so horrifically weak that it isn't even ichigo anymore
1/26 c7 Guest
Why on earth is he just letting all these people treat him like their bitch?
12/22/2022 c6 bettergeuse
this ichigo is arguably weaker than shikai ichigo that didn't know about getsuga.
11/27/2022 c30 Guest
Who this oc..? You create oc with name ichigo im confused
11/17/2022 c53 5Ricardo753
This story is glorious, I love how you manage to represent Ichigo as he truly is, and not turning him into an OC Gary Stu who falls in love with all the girls and defeats everyone without problems

Many stories unfortunately fall into this, because they think that Ichigo from the anime is a crybaby for having so many traumas

Pathetic are they really, for thinking that a good character is a Gary Stu


You know, I can't help but wonder if your story aspirations couldn't be too long, I mean, from what I saw, you're already at 84 chapters, and it looks like you're still a long way from Burning Crusade, and your ultimate goal is Mist Of Pandaria.

Maybe aiming for something a little smaller would be good?

Or well, I don't know, I'm just saying it because I don't want to see this remain incomplete


Regarding the Omake in this chapter, I can't help but wonder if Ichigo is playing the role of the Judge of the Shadowlands, causing the Calcerer's plans to go awry.

I mean, if there is a "Judge" on the physical plane, who is sending the souls directly to the corresponding realms, certainly the latter will not be so affected by the drought, and the jaws will not be well fed.


One thing I also noticed, is that you mention a Harem, I know you're not guiding the story towards that approach, but I must say that it would be interesting to see how you would develop it in the long term.

I mean, the relationship could kick in this part, but it'll be accentuated when Ichigo returns to Azeroth.


By the way, are there any plans for any of the Horde race to join Ichigo's group?

It would be interesting to see him with a mixed group of the races of Azeroth.

For example:

A Tauren, with a feisty nature who competes with Ichigo constantly.

Or a She-Troll that tries to get the "Young God" to impregnate her with his "blessing", XD
11/1/2022 c64 1WitnessofFate
“He loathed the power?” But he learned that it’s apart of himself, that it is his and it is under his control? That was the whole point of his fight with his inner hollow/Zangetsu. Because the inner hollow is apart of him and he’s aware of that and knows it’s one of HIS powers. The most he regrets using the mask is because it makes people afraid of him like orihime was for like 1 episode. He already went through the fear and hating character development for his hollow power
11/1/2022 c18 WitnessofFate
I like your story a lot, but I just don’t understand Ichigo’s adamantness about not killing, don’t get me wrong, I do believe that Ichigo does not like or want to kill anyone. But he’s done it in the past, and he knows that when he strikes he has to go for the kill. That was the whole point of the Zangetsu speech when he fought kenpachi and Renji. When you attack kill, when you protect protect them. To retreat is to die. Ichigo knows the necessity of killing, hell he killed grimmjow and others. It just doesn’t make sense because it’s not his first time killing
10/30/2022 c12 Guest
the writing quality is outstanding but the mc reads like a beta cuck so i'm out
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