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3/24/2018 c58 buttfaceglee
I started my periods when I was ten and it sucks
12/23/2014 c62 CarvieCamfia
please could you write a sequel more about quick please? xxxxxx
12/23/2014 c29 CarvieCamfia
thought quick lived in connecuit xxxx
11/24/2013 c62 13A-LionGleek
Wow! This wuz quite a story! I totally agree. Saying that the last few months have been rough 4 Finchel fans is a MAJOR understatement. Dammit. I've wished that Cory (and therefore, Finn) could come back so many times. Oh well. At least we have fanfiction 2 keep him aive :). Speaking uv which, I would like it very much if u read the story I'm currently posting. It's called Glee: We are Family, and I thought it would b nice if u could read, review, and recommend it since I've favorited u. Please at least consider this offer. Thanx.
10/31/2013 c62 1Wondergleek
So I just finished to read this story, and I can't believe it's over! No! I loved it. I loved everything about it. And it's the first time I've really been reading such a long Finchel story, since I'm much more of a Klainer. But I loved it, really! It was wonderful to watch Allie grow, and Finchel being awesome parents.
Simply put, your story was FANTASTIC !
10/27/2013 c62 cousin.isobel
I'm so, so sad that this is over! It's been my favourite fanfiction for ages now and I'm going to miss it so much.
10/24/2013 c62 lulu1954
I loved this story and I am sorry to see it end! I love reading your stories and I'm so glad that Finn is alive and well via FanFiction!
10/24/2013 c62 Guest
I will miss this story thank you
10/18/2013 c62 RAGML
I can't believe this...it's so sad but the ending is perfect. All the ND alumni are there and everyone is happy. I am really going to miss this story. It made me sad when Allie isn't one of the flower girls when she was like the flower girl in every single wedding before.
Good job on an another amazing story. I don't want this to end yet.. :( can you do another story connected to this? Like about caylie or the twins? I just really love this storyline about Allie.. Anyways.. Good job! Really good job! One of the best Finchel story!
10/18/2013 c62 5HarrylovesGinny09
Good chapter!
10/18/2013 c62 Vienna98
Thank you for a great story!
10/17/2013 c62 5ravenna.solo.408
Yay for first chair viola!
10/17/2013 c62 Callie1121
Great chapter and ending! Write more soon!
10/17/2013 c62 Onedirection2013
10/17/2013 c62 11Fire Girl125
YAY! The story ends on a great note for Allie! I know it must have been very hard to continue writing after Glee fans lost both Cory and Finn, but I want to thank you for pushing through and finishing the story. The story made me feel an array of emotions that I've never felt while reading a piece of fanfiction before. Don't every doubt your talent because your stories can really change a person's mood in their day. When I have a bad day, I usually read this story and it cheers me up again.

Anyway, I hope that you decide to follow Allie more because I'd be really interested to see how Allie is in middle school and possibly high school. This was a great story and I once again want to thank you for bringing this story to Glee fanfiction. I think it's one of the greatest stories out there. :)
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