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for Naruto Redone

2/6/2013 c3 Silver Heart11DOOM
love it more plz
2/6/2013 c3 189Luiz4200
Too bad Naruto didn't stay. Will he be in trouble for killing that council?
2/6/2013 c3 1NATSUxERZA 123456
Well I understand about the whole being new and I am kinka interested in this new story line. Who will he be paired with please not hinata or Sakura , I have no personal probs with them it is they are used a lot , maby yugito or samui. Update soon
2/6/2013 c3 vincentiusnatalus
well, i think your story move too fast. but your plot is unusual(and unusual is good _). it's good that few author don't use canon storyline. it's give us(reader) more aspect and pov of naruto universe
2/5/2013 c2 189Luiz4200
Considering what he knows about Konoha, would Naruto consider moving to Kiri?
2/5/2013 c2 Silent767
keep the chapters rolling please loving how this is starting out.
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