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for The Real Curse of the Time Lords

11/24/2013 c1 5Bookaholic27
I loved this new take on the curse of a Time Lord! Very interesting.
2/17/2013 c1 MojaveJ
He should never travel alone, because then he thinks too much.
I really loved this.
2/6/2013 c1 76Ruby Casablanca
I love this. I have never really thought if the curse in that way, but it makes a lot of sense and really, I think, is much deeper and more tragic than just outliving everyone. To have so much to give and keep having it be thrown away would be unbearable, and you really do a good job in reflecting the Doctor's pain that way. Fantastic job, really :)
2/4/2013 c1 5WereDragon EX
Wow, that was really insightful and poignant. Good job on this little short.

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