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9/2/2021 c6 3Razzbaby
Excellent~ Thanks for sharing.
9/2/2021 c5 Razzbaby
Don't get between me and my Hersheys! The devil you say. I very much like your idea of the story~
9/2/2021 c4 Razzbaby
I like this convergence of "alien races." Like your descriptions~
9/2/2021 c2 Razzbaby
You've kept the tenor of the show. I hope you let us know about the lights and the time loss~ Very good~
9/2/2021 c1 Razzbaby
You've got the voice of the characters spot on! Particularly the Major Hochstetter! Perfect pitch!
3/2/2013 c2 47Stutley Constable
Another well written chapter. It moves the story along and gives some insight on what the characters are thinking. Hochstetter was particularly well written.

Back for more later.
3/1/2013 c1 Stutley Constable
I just had to check this story out. I live ten minutes drive from Godman Field on Fort Knox, which was where a flight of P51 Mustangs took off from to pursue a UFO back in 1948. I also love sci-fi and have recently rediscovered Hogan's Heroes, so you can understand my interest.

Thankfully, you write well and seem to know the characters well enough to get them right. I'm intrigued by your first chapter and will be back for more.

Nice work.
3/1/2013 c6 25Canadian Hogan's Fan
Well, I'm not the biggest fan science fiction ever had, but I did enjoy this. I'd certainly like to see a sequel.

Great characterization of Hogan in this, BTW. It's nice to see him sentimental in a private, believable way.
3/1/2013 c5 Canadian Hogan's Fan
Ha, that is ironic. I enjoyed the twist.
3/1/2013 c3 Canadian Hogan's Fan
Ha! 'TK-421, why aren't you at your post? TK-421, do you copy?' I knew it as soon as I read it. I love it!
2/25/2013 c3 54Jennaya
I was rereading this and realized I missed the joke the first time around. B'elanna's Seven of Nine Hells

ROFL. I can just imagine that hell!
2/21/2013 c6 Hoganfan
I would love to see a sequel, and this was very well done.
2/21/2013 c6 2SpaceEngineerPeanut
A sequel? Yes, go for it! That was fantastic, thank you very much.
2/19/2013 c6 87konarciq
You bet this needs a sequel... Can't leave us hanging here!

I wonder though: how does Hogan know that none of the other men woke up, too, and saw something similar - and just like him, they chose not to talk about it? Kinch for example isn't exactly the most talkative fellow in the world. I can easily imagine him keeping something like this to himself, too.

Loved the wistful picture of Hogan contemplating going home, and missing everyone already. I can easily imagine him feeling that way, after all they'd been through together (aliens or not :-)
2/19/2013 c6 66Sgt. Moffitt
Hogan's sense of loss postwar makes sense...his work was so important, and the closeness he and his men shared was something to be treasured. I found his mixed emotions as he sat there with his drink in hand to be very believable. His thoughts of his men, and his hopes and fears for them were very believable too.

But oh my! That horrendous memory that popped up...poor Hogan! And it seems even worse memories of the alien abduction still lie hidden. You're darn right you need to write a sequel, and solving the mystery of Roswell would be perfect.
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