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for The Captain's Love Letter

8/25/2017 c1 Guest
Let yanagi renji fall in love with a girl please
12/4/2015 c1 Guest
Kyaaaaaa! This was soooo sweet! I love it! :D
2/16/2013 c1 4DearestSaya
Hope another part of it... so sweet .
2/7/2013 c1 JuRy28
its nice. i love it!
2/6/2013 c1 safa56bmc
So sweet.I wish tezuka wrote that to me
2/6/2013 c1 syuumitsu
can you make an omake? haha
2/5/2013 c1 25RebeccasanFujiEijiLVR
this couple is soo awesome, FujixTezuka
2/5/2013 c1 14akanikunimitsu
Just needs a few editing here and there and this story is perfect.

Anyway, I just need to say that Ayana is the coolest mother ever! You rock Ayana!

I love how Tezuka had to google how to write a love letter...wow buchou...you're so clueless. LOL

But I think the content of the love letter was just so Tezuka-ish...short and straight to the point.
2/5/2013 c1 1supremekikay24
love this..
2/5/2013 c1 zanzchi
...that was really sweet... thanks for the wonderful fic...
2/5/2013 c1 17onyxinlife
so cute! I love TezuxFuji
2/5/2013 c1 Guest
very cute oneshot

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