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11/4/2023 c3 HellsBells31
Por favor termine!
7/3/2017 c3 www.majestic.unicorn.13
Finish it
4/18/2016 c3 1lilly042004
Dude, finish this please
10/20/2015 c3 multi-fan2241
6/16/2015 c1 Guest
Glad letty called him on Elena. Yep Dom sure does move on fast after the death of his supposed "love". No wonder letty doesn't believe him!
10/30/2014 c3 Dramamomma19
I want to know what happens next please. PM me and let me know.
7/2/2014 c3 Ella Godber
please can you update this I love it :)
9/20/2013 c3 Guest
Update soon
9/20/2013 c3 Guest
please continue with this story. i want to know what will to letty and dom. update soon please.
6/12/2013 c3 aussiegirlforever
good start to story im curious to what will happen and i loved reading fanfictions of dom/letty having a kid or possible child
5/28/2013 c3 cheer123
i've already seen the movie and i love the plot but this was really interesting :) hope you'll continue
5/19/2013 c3 Queen Ravenna
I love reading this. I hope you update soon :)

Lots of love from the Philippines
5/8/2013 c3 11Little Karma
i love this story, and can't wait for more.

also in regards to your comment to Guest 2/10/13, finally some one who opened their eyes during the trailer so many people have tried to argue she shoots him why is he trying to save her. but she doesn't shoot him. can't wait till the movie.
2/28/2013 c3 ErinHmm
If I already review-gushed I apologize for doing it again. I read this story a few days ago and I have to start by saying thank you! You pointing out that Letty didn't shoot Dom has put my mind at ease. Did you notice the trailer has been recently reedited so you don't see Dom stumble back? It cuts directly to Brian cleaning the wound (which is strange since Mia fixed him up last time). Yours was the first story I read that brought up Letty having a kid and that's what's keeping her trapped. It's a wild theory but it make sense! I'm really hoping that's what happens in the movie. Gushing and movie theories aside, you write well and I enjoy the back and forth between Letty and Dom's POV. Please keep writing!
2/28/2013 c3 Karikocha
I really loved this chapter, I love the drama.
Keep up the good work, hope we get more soon.
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