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2/14/2013 c2 10degrassijayandalex
Another awesome chapter if I do say so myself. I do like it that this was more of an emotional chapter, there is always the next chapter that you can make more action packed. I really loved all of the flashbacks that Dom had to him and Letty, and talking about making his parents grandparents already. I thought that was so cute. I was rooting in my head for Elena to just leave Dom in this chapter, so that him and Letty can just get together lol. So I'm taking it that Mia doesn't know yet that Letty is still alive right? Like I said before this chapter was awesome, and i'm soo excited for an update! Great work!(:
2/14/2013 c2 Tluvsdotty
I thought it was pretty good. I'm ready for the next one
2/14/2013 c2 Pagan-Angel13
Good chapter. Liked the memories and insight into Dom. Looking forward to reading more. Hope you update soon.
2/14/2013 c2 17mac-reye
good chapter!
2/10/2013 c1 janite27
Loved it :) I think you captured their attitudes perfectly :) I would love to see where you would go with this if you were to continue.
2/10/2013 c1 Guest
Loved it...but who knows what Letty's real motives are. She could really be the bad guy and I don't blame her if she's mad at Dom and shoots him. Anyways, nice job :)
2/9/2013 c1 Tluvsdotty
No you have to make it longer than a one door it was really good. I love how you detailed their mannerisms and included this new guy Owen. You write more I'll defiantly read. And you ending it with the title was the perfect way to go. Great job for a one shot. Over been waiting for something like this.
2/9/2013 c1 1MisUnderstood.1995
Please keep going I love it
2/9/2013 c1 2Nicci77
Ooh I likey! More soon please!
2/7/2013 c1 Pagan-Angel13
Brilliant story. Liked your characterizations of Dom and Letty; and the emotions you conveyed. Very well written. If you get time I hope you continue with it. Left me wanting more.
2/7/2013 c1 10degrassijayandalex
This was sooo awesome! I want to watch the new movie so bad! It's unfair they gae us that awesome preview, and are now making us wait until the end of May to see it! Lol. I'm freaking out thinking that they aren't going to get back together! Which can't happen, because it's Dom and Letty. Lol. But yeahh great fan fiction! (:
2/7/2013 c1 Stacee13
What will he do when he finds out what Owen either has on Letty or why she will not leave Owen. That will not be pretty. At all. But I am excited to find out her backstory and what exactly she has been up to and what she went through...
2/6/2013 c1 4Alex-Diesel
seemed very realistic! maybe too im such a dotty fan, im hoping for a cheesy reunion. but i dont think its gioing to happen. it any case,i loved it. Great writing; i do wish u had the time to write more. it would be a great read. )

2/6/2013 c1 Lady Ghost 101
Love it you should continue
2/6/2013 c1 74Princess of Darkness17
loved it!
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