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for Roots Before Branches

3/21/2013 c11 1Ellii51
I liked that chapter, update soon :)
3/21/2013 c11 RAGML
Awwwww! THEY'RE FINALLY MARRIED! To nick and Emma! Love all the speeches and the scene with Finchel and Quick! It would be so amazing if they're in-laws! And Beth is engaged! Yay! They're really getting old!
As for next chapter..one word, BABIES! Hoping for one from Ryva or Nicma or maybe both! :D
3/21/2013 c11 Callie1121
Great chapter! I want to know a little bit more about the other the original gleeks. So are Sarah and Adam older than Kyle and Maddie? Update soon!
3/21/2013 c11 marteeey
so. sweet.
man another wedding! thi is just so adorable and I just can't believe that Ryan and Emma are married now! I remember web I started fading your series when Finn and Rachel finished high school and went to college! and now their oldest kids are married! oh my god.
I am really excited for the last chapter though. pls update soon ! :-)
3/21/2013 c11 noro
more fantastic writing great work
3/20/2013 c11 11Fire Girl125
They got married! Aww! I'm sad this story is almost over because it was such a good one! :)
3/20/2013 c1 1magnoliahouse
Love! I was confused about one part, because at first you said Ally's son was named Seth, and then you said his name was Cameron. Other than that little thing, I absolutely loved it! I can't wait to see more weddings and maybe even some babies! For your next story, I'd love to see Ryan and Ava's married life, as well as Nick and Emma's, and all the other couples you've hinted at. Great job!
3/20/2013 c11 1MoncheleAddicted
i think that as you said you should write it a year or 2 later, you update on everyones lives, but i think you should make a large chapter since ti's the end of the sixith stories wrote.
and another advice if you want to write another one write about finche grankids and that it will be amazing, cause you started writing when they were born and now when they grandkids are born
3/18/2013 c10 marteeey
this is such a sweet chapter! I really do understand why it is your favorite one :) I think it might be mine too hihi :) and I hope that next chapter will be the next wedding? :D I mean there was a proposal after all :p
pls update soon! :)
3/17/2013 c10 RAGML
OH MY GOD! I was reading this in class and I'm just smiling wide throughout the whole wedding and reception part and my classmate beside me keeps saying 'you're going crazy'. It's so beautiful and emotional! Ryan is married...I'm like a proud parent here. :D I look forward to that Hudson-Puckerman wedding too and also hoping to that crazy relatiosip between Maddie and Nick's brother :P Also excited for a Ryva baby :)))
and another OH MY GOD! Nick proposed! I'm seriously hyperventilating my friend is trying to calm me down! I'm so happyyyyyy! :'D It's so romantic and different from other proposals, no song no other people just the two of them at the place where they first met. 3 I hope to see Finchel's reaction to it though considering the next chapter will probably be the wedding.
3/17/2013 c10 11Fire Girl125
Aww! Emma and Nick are getting married! YAY! :)
3/17/2013 c10 Callie1121 2.0
Sorry about that. Still me. Lol. Yes, let's have some Kyle and Maddie please. Yay, Nick proposed! Update soon!
3/17/2013 c10 Callie1121
Hey, it's me. It's just hard to log in on my iPhone. Great chapter! Yes, let's have some
3/17/2013 c10 noro
amazing work
3/17/2013 c10 1Ellii51
I liked that chapter, update soon :)
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