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for Lilligant's Lemonade Stand

5/25 c2 1Questionable Le Marksmen
Seaside hill more like Sandhill
5/25 c1 Questionable Le Marksmen
Seaside hill more like Greenhill
5/25 c1 Questionable Le Marksmen
Seaside hill more like Spermhill
5/19 c173 Hmmmmm
However, there’s no next chapter...
5/17 c14 Hmmmmm
The fourth wall is nonexistent at this point
5/31/2019 c160 butter-fan
dear yoshizilla,please don't write my butterfly fanfic it's so bad don't worry bro i rewrit the chapters and meanwhile i got you a gift,A SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS FANFIC!,Similar to the lilligiant lemonade stand and conker's taco stand i writ that chapters this is the first one enjoy!

"It's a wonderful day at The Bikini Bottom, the sun shines, the rainbow is beautiful and the krusty krab is better than ever except squidward sure", narrated by Frenchy, squidward sighs, SpongeBob, is cooking Krabby patties, sniffing the Tasty Krabby patties "Ahh nothing good except delicious krabby patties" asked SpongeBob, cooking all possible krabby patties, in Mr. Krabs's office Mr. Krabs is too scared by taxes, krabby patties, money "Oh Neptune! What I do? Taxes are spreading more and more! Customers do not pay for krabby patties and money is going faster! Money! MY MONEY! "Exclaimed Mr. Krabs. he had a great idea, "SpongeBob!" Mr. Krabs shouted, SpongeBob runs to Mr. Krabs's office "Yes, Mr. Krabs?" "Oh SpongeBob, I'm sorry to say the following but * sigh * you're fired "Mr. Krabs said" fired! "SpongeBob asked for a moment of silence, he starts screaming and then starts to cry, "Shut up SpongeBob, listen! HEAR! "Mr. Krabs said:" Yes? "SpongeBob asked sadly:" Hey SpongeBob, I need you to get out there, because YOU HAVE A NEW JOB! do not worry, just press the button on that box ", SpongeBob stops crying, accepts the job but is almost sad. "Okay, Mr. Krabs accepts" SpongeBob leaves the office, Mr. Krabs happily dances "I can finally take care of my money!" and also squidward "Goodbye SpongeBob!", SpongeBob is in the water walking with a water dome hat, Goodbye Bikini bottom, SpongeBob walks sadly into the water, is now in the city, "Okay, now I'm in a city, the goal is for Probaly to get something and how does this button work?" ,Spongebob questioned, pressed the button, the small box is actually an incredible Krabby. Patty Stand, SpongeBob, is panting, and he is happy for Krabby patties booth, "Oh, NEPTUNE! This is wonderful, magical and fun!" Gasps * oh, oh, of course! The goal is to make a food stand in the city to get more! Now, how do I call the krabby patty stand? ", later, the krabby patty stand is called The Krusty Squarepants, a krabby patty stand to make the most delicious krabby patties" Well, guys, the Krusty Squarepants is now open . In agreement! It's time to work! I'm ready! ", SpongeBob asked the audience.
4/19/2019 c173 Guest
chapter 2 gassy butterfly

star and marco watch tv on the couch relaxing watching ren & stimpy's man's best friend Ren grabs a wooden spatula

But I can! Now go and give me a twenty! Ren claimed hits George with an oar,stimpy screams

Star and marco laughing

SHUT UP! You're next, Mr. doggie treats! HI-YA! ren claimed hits gerge again liquor screams of pain

marco and star laughing ,then she lets out a brassy fart,marco glares star

"Star!"Marco claimed

"Im sorry for my butt talking marco" she claimed

"Okay"he claimed then relaxing again watch tv,star farts again,marco glares star she blushed and
giggling,then again watchs tv she farted once more this time more longer,lifting his sea Green skirt

"aww star! who you eat!"marco claimed

"excuse me marco im a Little gassy today"she claimed and giggled

"Riiiiiiight"marco claimed and he leaves the couch

"Dammit!"star exclamed,farts once more making the couch dirty,she leaves the couch,star plays

with the laser puppies,calmed down,star unfortunaley she farted again making the laser dogs a

disgust face

"im so sorry"she claimed ,dogs rolls his eyes,1 of the puppys growls star,she is awkard,star

teleports with his wand,

"Marco!"star exclamed running

"What"marco claimed

"I"farts again his heart cheeks turns red

"star that's not funny okay?"he claimed

"im so sorry but i"farts again

"Ugh,star if you got a digestive problema go to the bathroom ok?"marco claimed,he leaves the room
star exhales sadly letting a brassy fart

the chapter 1 is on the dot farting problem chapter 1
3/12/2019 c1 Guest


12/24/2018 c38 4Inky Zoro Ark
173 chapters? Wow! Very impressive, and long... anyways, love what ya did with this! Two thumbs up!
4 out of 5 stars! 7 out of 10 sporks!
9/30/2018 c172 2k+Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus
You have no clue how happy I was to see this pop back up.

Although I had no doubts that you too would take in the latest meme. Can't blame you, obviously.
6/22/2018 c171 Guest
So it just ends? Wow
11/30/2017 c170 Guest
I always make this a weekly read since there's always something weird in this cute story about Lilligant, Whimsicott, and lemonade.

I just wish the chapters were longer like this one kind of is.
11/30/2017 c170 Guest
Why haven't Lilligant and Whimsicott open up a lemonade stand in Unova? They'd make loads in Castelia City alone!
11/30/2017 c170 Guest
I'm enjoying all the crossover action that Lilli and Whims are getting for their lemonade stand.

Still feel weirded out by them not being in one of the chapters.
11/30/2017 c170 Guest
You would think Lilligant would make more port-a-potty facilities for her lemonade stand. Or would Whimsicott be the one to do that?
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