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1/20/2014 c6 41DFanatic
This is good. Please do a Hunger Games one.
3/11/2013 c6 li'l fat necrosis
Aw, Harry, Hermy, Ronnie, are adorable! I HATE five-year-old with a five passion, (LONG story, I'll make a BIG idiot of myself!) but Harry and Ronnie are so cute! Hermy is my fave in this, she's so smart!

I'd love to see Katniss, Gale, and Peeta in cute baby mode! Would you make them to go up to 16 (In this case 18 for Gale.) or do it until they go into the games? (Again in this case watching, for Gale.)

I really do like your writing, it's simply amazing- no I need a better word.. Marvelous? No.. Katriffic? No.. Ruetastic!? No... Man up.. Harmonious!? (Eh, running out of clever words..) Purrrefect? Chaffmazing? I'm just going to end it..

Morphmazing! (Got one!)
3/11/2013 c6 19cc4s
Aww, so cute! I especially loved Hermione's section :)
2/24/2013 c5 HalfAMarauder
Aww. Good for Aunt Petunia, being nice-ish to Harry. Loved the chapter, keep it up .
2/24/2013 c5 cc4s
Awwww! So sweet! I liked how this one was so light and cheerful! That was refreshing, especially for Harry's part :)

Hermione was really cute :D

I loved Ron's part in this one, Ginny was adorable and it was so nice that all of the Weasley siblings are playing together and helping each other out :)

You also really write all of them just like they would be at these ages! Great chapter :P
2/20/2013 c4 cc4s
Another great chapter! Poor Harry... Hermione was adorable! I love the way you described her dressing, as well as everything she says in this story! I think her part was my favorite in this chapter :) And I'm also glad that all of the Weasley siblings are so involved in each other's lives in this story.

I love the story so far and can't wait to read more! Please update soon!

Oh, I completely forgot to answer the question from the previous chapter: Yep, I read the Hunger Games and love love loved it, though not quite as much as Harry Potter :)
2/20/2013 c3 cc4s
This chapter was so so cute! I loved all three of them!

I especially liked how during Harry's, Dudley and Harry were giggling and playing together briefly before Marge took Dudley away.

Hermione's was really sweet and it seemed just like her to know the entire alpha bet and be talking in full sentences at only two years old :)

I think Ron's was my favorite for this chapter! I liked how he and Ginny were playing together, and they each had some funny lines. I also liked how they both want to play quidditch just like their older brothers
2/18/2013 c4 Guest
2/18/2013 c4 HalfAMarauder
This is really cute! I even cried a little when I read the bit about Harry when he was two... And the bit about professor mcgonagall is sweet as well. I really like how you didn't make Percy a monster like alot of people do. No matter what happened later he wasn't bad all the time
2/18/2013 c4 Alpha to Gale Omega to Peeta
Love this chapter i love how u made dudley look sinster and mean at such a young age please continue with this
2/17/2013 c3 thequietphotographer
Answer: I have!
Great chapter. I love Ron and Ginny playing together, it's so cute!
2/17/2013 c3 Alpha to Gale Omega to Peeta
Loved this new story you have been coming up with and i have read the hunger games twice and lovd it
2/16/2013 c2 thequietphotographer
Aw. Baby trio is so cute.
2/16/2013 c2 cc4s
Adorable! I loved the way you made the babies talk, it was so realistic :) This story is so cute! I can't wait for two-years-old! Though, sadly, Lily and James won't be alive then.
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