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for Who had she pissed of this week?

3/22/2014 c1 10Tigerlillyth
I like it but why is she pissed after the colonel kissed her?
7/18/2013 c1 wonderwoman1970
haha good one
7/17/2013 c1 92SkyeRose
Ah! This would have been so great on the show! Not to mention the fact that the Furlings were such an under appreciated race ;)
3/10/2013 c1 35Mellow girl
Very cute!
2/11/2013 c1 102I. M. Frelling-Wonko
Pushy little bugger, that Claudia. She must know my muse. ;)

Anywho, great little story.
2/10/2013 c1 63djenie
Cute little scene! Sam and Daniel fighting, that's rare.
Thanks for the laugh.
2/9/2013 c1 Guest
The world needs some evil because jack would become noredy. We all know a bored jack is a bad thing, just ask Carter. I'm in for taking over the world under Jack O'Neill/SG1 banner. Funny story as well
2/9/2013 c1 dpdp

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