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for A possessed Tantei

7/9/2015 c5 5DetectivePandaThief
I love the idea and story line so far. Where exactly is Shinichi right now after he got sucked into the black hole. SO many questions. poor Saguru for his traumatic experience and I hope Kaito will be there to help fix the mess. This is getting exciting. Don't stop updating!
7/1/2015 c4 LLL
I'm sure that if you had updated this story sooner, you would have received a surplus of positive reviews and interested readers. This is quite a unique idea, and I can't help but hope that Shinichi's friends and family can save him from wherever he is. Please update as soon as you can; I can't wait until the next chapter.
It's SOOO GREAT Please keep writing. I LOVE THE SUSPENSE Oh yeah why did you chose to use the name rye?
2/18/2013 c2 Nika
What the hell?
2/11/2013 c1 KitsuneLover101
Okay, okay I'm in love. This is quite an interesting concept that appeals to my... decidingly prominant dark nature. -;; Getting back on topic, I'm so happy that this is a HakuShin (well technically ShinichixHakuba) considering how rare the pairing is. As such, I thank you highly for starting this story and I can't wait to see what you come up with next chapter. Keep up the good work!


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