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6/25/2013 c1 3Dalamin Sahara
I love it. It was very funny. I love hitsugaya/matsumoto moments too. Continue writing stories like this.
3/8/2013 c1 25Lorien Urbani
As you know, I am not much familiar with this particular fandom, but your writing is very clear and entertaining, so it was definitely enjoyable to read this lovely little one-shot. I don't know much about these characters, but I can tell you that I like how you portrayed the friendship between Matsumoto and Hitsugaya. It's adorable and you can tell she's a strain on her captain, big time, but he can't help but like her cause he trusts her. And she's delightfully cheeky, isn't she? Haha. The boys were a little intense about wanting to kill her, but I'm glad it all worked out. Well, apart from the fact that Matsumoto just lost her sake supply. :) This was fun! New for me, but fun.
2/15/2013 c1 3Nicole di Angelo
This is a great story!
I love Hitsugaya and Matsumoto friendship!
2/13/2013 c1 dragonick711
This is definitely funny and I could totally see this happening.
2/12/2013 c1 14im-aggressive
Not a fan of HitsuMatsu pairing, but having them together in the same room is just hilarious, and I love reading Fics with these two as friendship:) And you did a great job! Poor Matsumoto...hehe...

*Respective Thumbs-up!*

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