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2/22/2015 c6 Ice
What about these?
Espurr meowstic shinx luxio luxray litleo pyroar they are cat pokemon after all
12/27/2014 c8 22goreador
Awesome fic, but I have just a quick thing to say. Chapters four and five are mostly Spiritomb speaking, so try putting them together. All in all, great fic!
3/13/2014 c1 Michael
Why haven't you updated
1/15/2014 c9 3Voyager15
We stopped SOPA once, we will stop it again!
11/8/2013 c9 Does-Not-Interact
Stop SOPA!
9/26/2013 c5 Guest
I love cat Pokemon! But where's Glaceon? I'll read the notes
8/26/2013 c9 1Max Saturday burns toasters
I am posting on Facebook to stop SOPA
7/18/2013 c8 6KittyEspeon
Aw. so fun! I love Warriors, Pokemon, and cats in general! So glad Mew is a female, :D! Really good so far and I can't wait to see where this goes!
7/17/2013 c2 5Shamekeeper12
You said: "Sorry these are so short. I'm not so good at writing unless its poetry."
Well if you like poetry, make the story poetic! Make it deep, meaningful, and heartfelt for the reader. Such action would more than compensate the brief moments in each chapter.
5/24/2013 c8 23Tanzanite-Pony
Yay! You got Shinx down! And Foxpaw two! Longer chapters and I love this!
5/7/2013 c6 2Allenthecat
good start, this has potential, Skitty's a nice touch and provides some excitement to the story, but there should really be someone to keep her under control!
5/4/2013 c7 23Tanzanite-Pony
That it? More and yay! And isn't Shinx, Luxio and Luxray cat-like pokemon as well?
4/8/2013 c7 1Max Saturday burns toasters
Please update and why is persian so mean to meowth? And what did the cat pokemon do to spiritomb
2/24/2013 c5 12Zapper Pikachu
Persian! Why you be so mean to your son?!

Uh-oh.. Spiritomb has something planned..

I don't like it...

Not one bit.

Spiritomb is gonna send the kittys to the world of Warriors. I just know it.
2/24/2013 c4 Zapper Pikachu
Eevee! I love them just as much as I love Pikachu. Glad to see one here. XD.
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