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5/24/2018 c13 ObsessedRHShipper
Glad to see Ron had already planned to encourage hermione to go back to school.

Wonder if we will see them after that conversation.
5/24/2018 c12 ObsessedRHShipper
That didn’t seem much like a plan of action after the dinner. I’m surprised Ron hasn’t mentioned anything visibly to hermione about her not going back to school, that the parents haven’t asked more about events, and a mind healer wasn’t discussed.

I hope it won’t just be the parents stepping up to “fix” anything.
5/24/2018 c10 ObsessedRHShipper
Enjoyed the conversation and cake. Sweet speech by Ron to his dad about what he wants but also how he appreciates what his parents gave him.

Wonder if their need to be together will continue.
5/24/2018 c9 ObsessedRHShipper
I was hoping you would give Mr. granger’s viewpoint.

Love his attempt to get information from Ron, his frustrated thoughts, and comparison of Ron to a “Chess master.” I’m glad Ron responded confidently.

Did think the idea the though of hermione having to reassure herself that he is there was depressingdidn’t know if your are going to bring up he abandonment or trust as an issue she needs to resolve
5/24/2018 c8 ObsessedRHShipper
I like the new perspective of Hermione’s mom.

I like how her mom brought up the topic of Ron.

I also think the memory she and her husband have of her holding the wand to them is realistic and not usually mentioned.
5/24/2018 c6 ObsessedRHShipper
Glad Molly is taking care of hermione or allowing Ron to.

Guess Australia is coming soon?
5/24/2018 c5 ObsessedRHShipper
Nice reaction by Molly, though I don’t think the family is large enough to take the entire boys wing unless you just meant the 7th year’s room.
5/24/2018 c3 ObsessedRHShipper
Very cute to see Molly’s view of them learning to dance together.
5/24/2018 c1 ObsessedRHShipper
I really love how the chapter not only shows us Molly’s view of Ron and hermione but also her perspective as everyone else views or reacts to their relationship.
3/27/2018 c16 Minny
This was so sweet! I loved this whole series :)
3/26/2018 c6 Lillian
Oh lord - this chapter had me weeping! You're a great writer and this was beautifully done.
9/21/2017 c16 Guest
I love your story ...we don't usually get to see things from their parents perspective. I really enjoy how you've written Ron & Hermione 's interactions with each others parents as well.
6/4/2017 c16 Jules120701
Please finish this!
10/26/2016 c16 Mel
Wow! I love it 3 Keep updating, please... you are a great writer!
8/7/2016 c16 5Ericfmc
I have just finished "Affectionate" and enjoyed it very much. I like your take on Ron and Hermione and their parents. The flexibility and sensitivity to the underlying situation with which you have endowed Molly without changing her basic character is refreshing. She is too often portrayed as a shrieking and intolerant enforcer. Likewise your portrayal of the maturity Ron surely would have gained by the end of war and after all they had endured.

I suspect you have finished with this story, so thanks for writing.

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