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9/9 c17 Daemoniorum
Really enjoyed reading this. Wondering what rank Naruto would have started at if it had been finished.
8/11 c17 Daffa
Continue this story
8/2 c17 Guest
Bruh... I'm offended if the story doesn't end
7/17 c17 Guest
Hopefully you bring back this legendary piece of work back as well.
6/28 c17 santicahmorro
Que buena historia joder
6/25 c17 robosarell1.0
please continue the story it is great
4/11 c5 chakrasuryanshu27
Hey if they adopted Kushina, then how will Naruto and Kushina be lovers
4/10 c2 chakrasuryanshu27
Namikaze Jiraiya
1/13 c6 Guest
This don't need to get rewritten jiraiya cannot be the father add in OC character with blue eyes so it's a piece of believable
11/28/2022 c11 JustbeingRylie
Sorry I'm going to drop this.
11/28/2022 c10 JustbeingRylie
I mean why would you do this... I thought you would at least wait until they were older...
11/28/2022 c10 JustbeingRylie
They are still kids... Why...
11/28/2022 c7 JustbeingRylie
Hiya. I don't think you should have made Naruto create the rasengan. I think you should have let Minato create it in a later chapter and then had Naruto learn and improve it. I just think it's kind of shitty to steal that achievement from Minato and give it to an already powerful Naruto.
10/11/2022 c13 Uzumaky clan
Great chapter thank you for your wonderful work
10/11/2022 c13 Uzumaky clan
Great chapter thank you for your wonderful work
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