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2/16/2013 c2 9Raxius
I would suggest having Clockwork discussing with Uatu about making a emergency move upon learning Danny's fate.

In Amityville I would Suggest Jack and Maddie threatened Jasmine, Sam, Tucker warning them against attempting to free him .
2/14/2013 c1 A
Hah, just read your other story before seeing this one. And I got to say, I think I already like this plot more because Danny gets discovered by his parents! I love these rejection stories! XD
And as to wait torture method... I personally like when Danny is viviseced and his parents take a look at his insides to poke around in there. While using electricity to make sure he stays conscious during the experiments!
I'm honestly excited for another update, so I eagerly await the next chapter!
2/14/2013 c1 Weirdo
Dude That's mess-Up ask us for torture methods...Waterboarding
2/16/2013 c2 2ObsesivePhantomPhan
For torture methods, you could use the traditional dissection, since it covers both pain and samples. You could also try basic things, like whipping and the rack. Another popular idea is probably electrocution. Besides, your story is turning out great! :) I cannot wait till the next update! _
2/16/2013 c2 4The Magnetic Witch
... MLP? Really? XD ah, well, update soon!
2/16/2013 c2 93Clockwork's Apprentice
May I say...eww...
However, I still like the story and I hope you update soon.
2/16/2013 c2 20little miss BANANNA HEAD
:D out of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic my favourite character would have to be Fluttershy. She's so cute and shy. :) it's adorable! :D
2/16/2013 c2 78princessbinas
This was better than what I was thinking! Wow you made it seem 20% cooler! XD
2/16/2013 c2 26jeanette9a
well i bet the nayn cat video for a couple hours would do.
2/15/2013 c1 jeanette9a
oh poor Danny, i hope it won't be too gory.
2/14/2013 c1 78princessbinas
I like embarrassing torture methods like these:

2) Questioning his underwear

But for funny scientific ones:

1) Jack bumbling around and messing up the experiments
2) Jack accidently creating a ghost tickling machine and uses it on Danny
3) Jack seeing if Danny (in ghost form) likes fudge
4) Jack waving the rotten "Emergency Ham" in Danny's face to see his reaction
5) Jack pouring his own urine on Danny
6) Maddie taking urine samples from Danny (Embarrassment Ensues once Danny says "This is so wrong")
7) Hair plucking (only a few strands; with Jack whining about not being able to do it)
8) Blood drawing (with Jack whining about not being able to do it)

All in the end to reveal Danny's secret.
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