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for Naruto: the chakra molder

8/12 c27 fuunu
The three year away made little sense as fast as ninjas move he could have come home to visit at least once in awhile
8/1 c93 Borello
good work.
8/1 c93 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter
8/1 c93 4Monster King
Awesome work
7/8 c2 taiwoeretan1
Karin could also use Chakra Chains too tho.
7/5 c92 Borello
good work and great work with the omake. i'm not gay or a fan of yaoi but great work.
7/6 c6 mshade656
u know kurenai is kind of like asshole villagers
she has no right to judge before know him
7/3 c2 Guest
Karin tho
7/3 c92 Habu2010
Please continue
7/3 c92 Jose19
I am glad with Sakura being with Lee a dear favorite of mine but normally this wouldn’t happen since she adores Sasuke.

Sasuke and Sakura is as fixed like Hinata to Naruto in all fairness the main character got the best possible pairing in her.

Sakura is a character not liked by me during the series that fan girl personality is detestable and her treatment of Naruto.

I especially hate that temper of that girl is not very endearing or attractive.
7/2 c92 Monster King
Awesome job
6/19 c91 Borello
nice work. i wonder how strong is the army from orochimaru.
6/20 c13 suryafirdaus2134
good chapter, please update this story more often
6/20 c91 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
6/19 c91 Sriharsha Bollempalli
bruh , you really put aside the katana naruto got from his mom
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