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for Naruto: the chakra molder

11/29 c1 Lucky4leafclo
Bro are you good every relationship is forced you seem like a guy that gets no females how old are you kid?
11/26 c96 Borello
good work.
11/25 c30 djbootyllama
with how long this is i hope you don't plan just having him stay in the leaf village as the Uzumaki were always a separate clan just like the namikaze so even with konoha's "on" CRA he still wouldn't be affected though it is a nice touch i would rather see him become the uzukage over the hokage it would just fit especially with him rebuilding his clan and he could get the people of wave to be apart of new uzu as well just saying it would be better overall because personally never liked the leaf even if there was a handful of nice people
11/25 c96 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
11/25 c96 4Monster King
Good job
11/16 c4 Miguel Guevara
I love you but I also hate you

Just so you know it a good thing
11/15 c12 2Crevanille
I'm not a fan 9f possessive love interests...
11/10 c4 Eddyg125
Isn't it against the law to be spying on him while he is training clan secrets?
11/7 c95 Borello
good work.
11/6 c10 Crevanille
Personally, I prefer an 'equal share' harem... and I'm not a fan of villify8ng the CRA.

That, and this Kurenai needs to get laid and freaking relax!
11/4 c4 Crevanille
3. Haku makes for a good personal assistant. Her 'Seals are Easy, People are Hard' counterpart has a similar relationship to her Naruto... though that Naruto is actually a pervert. But he's so sweet and sincere about it that it's honestly ha4d to be mad at him for it.
4. That said. This Hinata being an Icha 8cha reading pervert is honestly hilarious! Perverted Hinata FTW!
11/4 c95 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter
11/4 c95 4Monster King
Awesomeness great work
10/3 c18 rageouss
how could this possibly be the same as canon..? why bother with fanfics if nothing changes homie?!
9/21 c4 Guest
Ino and Hinata should both know that spying on clan Training and coercing him to reveal what is now a clan secret is both wrong and against the law
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