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for Naruto: the chakra molder

8/4/2021 c1 Kingofsenju
Keep it up can’t wait for the next update
8/1/2021 c81 Borello
good work. i can't wait for the next chapter.
7/31/2021 c81 Jose19
I am not a proponent of teenage pregnancies because most result in lives being ruined it takes a serious commitment.

The canon approaches this in a serious manner in having Hinata marry him not to provide heirs but for true love.
7/31/2021 c81 4Monster King
7/30/2021 c19 OrigDayday
I don’t understand how he is suppose to be “stronger” but all the events are still happening rather the same, but different techniques? In fact his fight with kabuto ended up even worse than the original
7/26/2021 c80 Guest
Can you update secrets of gohan and have the pair gohan x lime and expose hercule
7/24/2021 c3 juubimadara349
i just hate ino know like do you know anything about privacy and then if naruto went threw her stuff she would get mad
7/13/2021 c80 12PhantomKnightPercival
Hot damn this story is good. Can't believe its been around for 8 years!
7/12/2021 c2 4duncanmorin0
This is good I just hope the authors notes don’t happen in every chapter. They detract from the story in a massive way for no reason and kill Immersion
7/3/2021 c21 Gottaask
The first part is completely unnecessary it add nothing to the fic and is pure bullsht because the girls first of all wouldn't try to argue with anyone about such matter and would simply ignore and leave or beat the sht of him the moment it's needed and well it's just nonsense like there's no way anything like that could happen, she's a clan heir and the other is a weapon and they are ninja
7/2/2021 c3 Gottaask
You know cra is bullsht right? They can't force anyone onto such things, clan matter only concern clan members now what cra can be is allow them and recommend them to have multiple wives with advantage if they accept they can't force someone onto it and your wording might let others think that obviously it's obvious that it's for them harem plot point but still it's a recommendation not obligation
7/2/2021 c3 Gottaask
You know that the cra is bullsht right? They can't force someone onto something like that, anf clan matter only
7/3/2021 c64 Kingofsenju
Is he going to learn the flying thunder god
7/3/2021 c57 Kingofsenju
What happened to fuu is she still in the leaf
6/29/2021 c13 Redeye
Three reasons Naruto's healing CANNOT come from Kurama. One, Kurama's energy is shown to be corrosive even to Naruto, at least until it becomes purified. This means that Kurama's energy can't be used to heal early in the series. Second, after his match with Kiba in the Chunin Exams, Naruto healed rapidly WITHOUT ANY OF KURAMA'S ENERGY AT ALL. This shows that Naruto's healing has to come from Naruto himself. Third, every Chakra Sensor in the village would be useless for village security due to constantly feeling Kurama's energy every time Naruto scraped his knee. Actually, I think the Shinobi in general would be useless for the same reason, since it's shown that even Civilians can sense Kurama's energy.
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