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for Naruto: the chakra molder

5/30/2021 c1 FanFictionman43
Not trying to be rude, but I'll do it anyway considering you did this to yourself. How can you call yourself "quite intelligent" and then post this chapter? Grammar is lacking and the characters sound robotic. A lot of the spelling issues in this chapter are common sense. Come on "quite intelligent" person. Don't hold back on us now. You're the most pretentious "author" I've ever seen.
5/29/2021 c1 Otaku-king-389
Yea you lost me at this chapter it’s been ages and you still haven’t fixed the fact that you forgot your own story and had fu reintroduce herself to naruto
5/28/2021 c79 23The Dark Dragen
Glad that you are back mate, can't wait to read more... going to reread the story to catch up again.
5/28/2021 c79 panjangya
Welcome back! thanks for not giving up on this story
are there going to be many lemon scenes soon? if so then i approve wholeheartedly
5/28/2021 c79 HinataIsBae
happy to see you back
5/28/2021 c79 4Monster King
4/15/2021 c78 alejandro polanc
nice episode bro
4/9/2021 c21 corjca1
sasuka power hungery fucking idgit abomination against the most high jah
3/3/2021 c22 Tip
You shouldn’t have made naruto cocky it will never be his style even though he was the strongest gennin still isn’t his style to be cocky
2/19/2021 c55 1gabelou1991
Perso j'ai toujours deteste le fait que sakura frappe continue naruto un jour il va la tuer .
2/10/2021 c1 YUNGxDEKU
Bro you’ve said course so much that I want to die. Course naruto did this. Course because of that Haku did that. Course naruto didn’t dodge. Course blah blah blah.
1/30/2021 c51 gabelou1991
J'aime donc sasuke n'est pas si fort que cela..
1/30/2021 c48 gabelou1991
Saura plus forte quino bof quand même.
1/30/2021 c47 gabelou1991
C'est dommage de ne pas avoir utiliser haku car satura n'est pas pour moi en tout digne d'être l'élève d'une sannin orochimaru n'étant plus un sentiment pour moi.
1/30/2021 c46 gabelou1991
Il faut que j'arrête mais sakura son élève nan .
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