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for Naruto: the chakra molder

1/19 c1 FlawedBauthor
Lmao you were really trying to act like you had an original story being published when this is how you were writing? This is crap.
1/7 c2 Brendan Slater
Karin used the chakra chains in the fourth great ninja war dont know if that was anime only though
11/29/2023 c3 Lo wyatt
The chakra chains weren’t a bloodline they only talked about kushina having them
11/5/2023 c8 2Zabyne
Wanted to enjoy this. But the absolutely insufferable need to pop in 5,000 authors notes in the MIDDDLE of every other paragraph completely and utterly ruins any immersion. Sad to have to stop, had hoped it got better.
10/27/2023 c83 10Wolfone10
Actually... That makes incredible sense.. For Ayame to be in the group now has an actual purpose... It's really ingenious... GREAT JOB. You actually RAISED tsunade's intelligence in my eyes... Something I thought was outlawed on this site (they usually have her as GROSSLY unqualified for the job, unless she's just bad-shit crazy), it still makes the last few chapters VERY confusing... But hey the author liked the girl... So whatever. Again, nice one.
10/26/2023 c80 Wolfone10
FOUR TIMES... SAME PROBLEM... There is that "pest"... Er... "friend" again.
10/26/2023 c79 Wolfone10
Tsunade's "explanation" is VERY, VERY flimsy... It actually DOESN'T MAKE SENSE AT ALL if you REALLY think about it. I could see this being the thing, if it was one of the "great 5", another kingdom like in stone of gellel, if it was something similar.. But this doesn't really track, nor does it make sense to be EATING UP this much of the Leaf's resources and, more importantly, TIME... Bigger things going on and all... Plus naruto having to spend time with his "REAL" wives. With Shizuka, you forget Naruto has not only "risked his life for her" but he did it TWICE! FOR THE SAME REASON... Not a great way to start a relationship... Friendship? (for her, yes I see that, a crush, or more SOMETIME).. For him? Yeah, MAYBE, but this is pushing it.. (not for the pregnancy, but because of the TIMING of the this, because the old toad devoted SO MUCH time to this ridicules "problem", instead of helping prevent THE HUGE AMOUNT OF WORLD ENDING PROBLEMS and because this is the THIRD STRIKE for "helping" with the EXACT SAME PROBLEM)... Example: If you had a "friend" that you only EVER, I MEAN EVER saw, was because they needed money from you... Would you STILL consider them a "close" friend?(oh, and you had NO past with them, no "years of shared memories"). Now in this SAME circumstance.. You had "mentors" that you could REALLY, REALLY use the advice from, but you could NEVER talk to them, because they were busy thinking of ways to help this SAME "friend" get more money, wouldn't you be SICK TO DEATH of hearing about that "friend"?
10/26/2023 c77 Wolfone10
Seriously? This no-name, pain-in-the-ass AGAIN? Why is the "no nothing village" so important to not cross for the LEADER of the "big five"? THEY HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS RIGHT NOW! Plus Naruto has ALREADY "solved" this problem TWICE!.. If the woman won't "budge" and her village "won't budge"... And they are THAT important?.. Have her do the HONORABLE thing and take her own life already! The WORLD is in trouble, her little village DOESN'T MATTER.
10/26/2023 c73 Wolfone10
I honestly don't know how Ayame's "teasing" still keeps working... Considering Naruto's AGE now, PLUS the fact he's already done the deed FULLY with two different girls on MULTIPLE occasions(in multiple ways) AND the fact that it's just UNRELENTING "teasing" with Ayame... I mean it's borderline HARASSMENT, I don't think it would WORK all that well anymore... She's very QUICKLY losing her appeal completely. This much had me "cringing" so much, my BACK CRACKED. She's got him already, she is the HOLDER of his main ADDICTION... I dunno if that's "love" exactly, but it USED to be.. Now it just seems something... ODD... At least that is the vibes I'm getting from her... I'd be dropping that like a "hot rock"... I don't really mean to be mean to the character.. But really, instead of just being the "happy waifu that waits at home to give a sense of 'normalcy' to the craziness.". She seems to be "embracing the madness" and shoehorning herself into situations that DON'T involve her skill set, or letting the "craziness" of the ninjas around begin to "infect" her personality.

Then there is the fact that if Tsunade needed naruto and found out he LEFT THE VILLAGE without permission? Or saying WHERE he was going? Why he was going? When he would be back?... Um.. That's TREASON too! *sigh*
10/25/2023 c61 Wolfone10
Um sakura already knew about naruto's status... She knew since right after WAVE... Remember? Broken in apartment, seeing his seal...etc...etc...etc... It went on and on for many chapters... Tenten knew too. (at least she was present when he told all the girls)
10/25/2023 c60 Wolfone10
So why didn't naruto just use his "chakra molding" bloodline and make a platform for Temari, kakashi, sakura and sai to stand on and then use as MUCH chakra as he wants to jump fast to Suna, pulling the platform behind him? Seems like it would have been VERY easy. It's just a DISC or a SQUARE connected to him.

You had Baki in this chapter?... You had Yūgao Uzuki KILL Baki in this story, ALL THE WAY back during the "Konoha Crush" for killing her fiancee. So he's been DEAD for 3-4 YEARS NOW.. Kinda odd that he's giving the team "information on what happened" with the Akutski and Garaa.
10/25/2023 c58 Wolfone10
So the "chakra molder", with a CHAKRA SHAPING BLOODLINE, can't figure out or use a skill that's ALL about... Chakra shaping?... HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?
10/25/2023 c57 Wolfone10
Yes the Akutski are ALL "freaks"... A venus-flytrap, a guy that looks like he fell, FACE FIRST into a fishing tackle box, a purple haired woman with the same "gravity and sports gear" problem, a Giant ugly fish, a string and stick guy, a guy with mouths on his palms and a giant EYEBALL on his chest... And a hunchback that really looks like Pinocchio inside the hunchback... So yup a WHOLE LOT OF "freaks"... Yet the show wants us to believe they could "hide" for years and years and NOBODY noticed them... I somehow DOUBT THAT very seriously.

Why didn't naruto just cover his hand/arm with chakra armor? Or when he was in the middle of that jump attack... Make a REALLY long blade to hit the masks? Or pepper the air with chakra pellets to destroy ALL the masks and kakazu at once? OR use the bijuu-restraining chains against kakazu, surely if they can hold the nine-tails, a "semi-human", is kinda a cake walk right? If his ENTIRE bloodline is ABOUT "chakra molding" then how does the rasenshuriken hurt him so bad? It's main problem was the "shaping"... And he's SUPPOSED to have that handled now. There is A LOT of problems here, with trying to make it "fit" canon... A LOT..
10/25/2023 c55 Wolfone10
So Tsunade makes a BIG deal out of Naruto HAVING to be able to use the Rasenshuriken IN DAYS (even though he SHOULD be powerful enough to beat two S ranks, since THAT IS WHAT HE WAS TRAINING FOR... So the old toad actually FAILED his mission?) But then for some reason calls Naruto and Yammato AWAY from the VERY TRAINING SHE JUST SAID WAS MORE IMPORTANT THEN ANYTHING.. To tell them they have to get the training done?... THAT DOESN'T MAKE A LICK OF SENSE! That's waking someone up, to TELL THEM "It's time to go to sleep."
10/25/2023 c54 Wolfone10
He didn't expect to face two S-rank nins? He's KNOWN they work in pairs since the fish face idiot and the uchiha came for him YEARS ago... He was SUPPOSED to be powerful enough to beat these kinds of threats by now, that was the ENTIRE premise of Jiraiya to take him on the three year trip in the FIRST PLACE! Otherwise what was the point? And as far as the rasenshuriken being naruto's "best move"? Shouldn't he be using HIS BLOODLINE!? He never did in canon cuz he didn't GET BLOODLINES UNTIL THE END (for stupid reasons), but HE HAS ONE HERE.. One PRETTY MUCH FORGOTTEN...
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