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for Naruto: the chakra molder

6/16 c4 Jon211107
One thing about a lot of fics that don’t make sense is that the 3rd hokage said that the kyuubi is a s rank secret punishable with death yet in fics Naruto’s friends 65% of the time spy on him to find out his secret and the 3rd does nothing about it like their spying on the jinchuriki
6/11 c1 Guest
Canon dont read pointless
6/3 c90 Guest
When you update your DBZ story can you keep the pairing Gohan x Briana and Mirai x Melisa please?
5/24 c90 Astramilitarum01
I love the concept of the story but i had to try 3 times to read it to the last available chapter and it was a chore.

I love the overall idea of Naruto having the Chains of the Uzumaki and than an upgrade on top. The CRA is also fun even if it's a overused trope it makes kinda sense and the relative slow moving progress of the relationships fit.

Stuff i real didn't like are for example the whole kurenai plot, that was just forced drama BS and disrupted the flow more than adding anything useful.
The application of the chakra molding is also very weak in comparison to the fact that Naruto is maybe the most creative character in the whole Naruto Universe, the ability to mold chakra into basically anything, and he does very little with it.

Overall the story is much to close to Canon with the thinks that happen.
The only difference is that he has a Harem but that's it, everything else still just happens, Wich devalues his ability even more because it brought so little change to the story. Examples are the training trip with jiraja and leaving his Girlfriends for 2 years? Yeah not happening for someone that was always starved for love, no matter how sound the argument is.

So yeah I wished for more change and a more badass Naruto and less of a Naruto with a Harem and a minor buff that he doesn't even use to it's full potential.

Is it worth a read, most likely but i personally expected more
5/12 c90 6my 2 guys
that was great keep the chapters coming
5/7 c22 pablo.monroypm14
Sorry but I have to quit reading because of how Naruto was treated and that Naruto was punished and the punishment he got was stupid.
5/7 c21 pablo.monroypm14
You shouldn't have made the girls stop him
5/7 c17 pablo.monroypm14
Using your advantage does not mean it is a cheat
5/6 c6 midnightscar17
Hate hinata shes a white eyed stalker gold digging love stuck stalker
5/1 c90 Borello
good work. i wonder if the alliance can win again orochimaru's armys of daku. it seem kabuto have a more realizing sight of the war.
5/1 c90 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
4/25 c2 1Plasma Dragon 312
Apparently in canon only females had chakra chains or the healing chakra which is really stupid in my opinion chakra chains were such a cool ability that never got any love. Plus chains as a weapon are so unused in the ninja world. They’d be hard to wield but very deadly given right practice.
4/15 c27 XxKonekoLoverxX
hey naruto when you figure out how to understand them let the rest of us know lol
4/6 c6 Krieger Techpreist
IM HAPPY! ANKO GET IRUKA! IM FINE WITH THIS! Now Kakashi... who would fit your cool hip aditude?
4/6 c2 Krieger Techpreist
... Im gonna be honest... I would have stayed if it was male haku as a friend, and then the harem... but now I have my fem haku so yes!
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