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for Naruto: the chakra molder

9/9/2023 c4 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
I'm going to try giving this a chance, but the massive invasion of privacy, and how Hinata is acting turns me off. She's coming off as a pervy creeper.
9/9/2023 c3 N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Man I wish the girls weren't so invasive of people's privacy.
9/6/2023 c32 IchigoASO
umm a few chapters ago there was a 1.5 yr time skip as weel as a 3 month time skip in this village. there for it should be around the 2 yr point of the about 1 yr not 2.
9/6/2023 c25 IchigoASO
Shikamaru's comment about talk no jutsu or minded me of another fanfic that I recently finished reading. It was a Percy Jackson, God of war, naruto crossover fanfic. It basically states that kratos eventually becomes the God of Shinobi aka hagoromo Ōtsutsuki after the events of God of war 3 (in short this would be before God of war 4) which caused a bridge to be created for the consciousnesses of the gods of the Percy Jackson universe to cross over to the dead universe that later became the Ninja world. This is why Naruto can be grandson of Zeus, Poseidon, as always a son of Aphrodite. (Zeus be the mortal incarnation of minata's father, Naruto's mother being Aphrodite, and her father being Poseidon) so in short Naruto according to this fic is subconsciously using charm speak aka talk no jutsu lol. Also I am loving this Naruto fic. I was starting to get bored of them but this one is good. So thks.
8/23/2023 c104 10thunderofdeath97
Yeah, honestly his 'harem' kind of sucks ass.
8/16/2023 c5 1eo20000
I tried to push through, i really tried.
8/13/2023 c9 3Wissper0
i think you are over using 'Course' a bit
7/28/2023 c3 Guest
Ver fuchsia dl fuchsia
7/30/2023 c37 hephestusfirestone
it's supposed to be lemon lime is different
7/29/2023 c6 hephestusfirestone
i just know something is going to go wrong wis anko and Iruka
7/3/2023 c6 Guest
Not a fan of Anko/Iruka, they are opposites in most of not all aspects. I get wanting to get the ramen girl in the harem which is do able if Naruto thinks he has a sister like relationship and she wants to be with him. She pretty much is a soundingboard, so to him it would be a sister like relationship, because he doesn't know what's like to have family. Therefore perfect way to work her into the harem. Anko is more like Naruto and has been through similar stuff so a better relationship( helping each other move passed there past). Descent story aside from Anko/Iruka.
7/1/2023 c104 Borello
great work and a good end of the story.
7/1/2023 c104 ThatRandomTaco
Aw man could you please make a sequel?
I love this fic and would adore to see a future where the girls all have separate kids and everything
But amazing fanfic man
7/3/2023 c1 JangCrome
Thank you and congrats on finishing this story i remember following it at 2013 lol
7/2/2023 c3 10Marcii Winters
Okay, yeah, this is actually a really interesting premise for a kekkei genkai, but honestly, you totally need a better name than Chakra Molder bc that's like saying, "He has an Air Breathing ability!"
Every shinobi can mold chakra, that's just what it's called
Even just calling it something as simple as the Omni bloodline would be better for the fact that it encompasses everything you can do with chakra.

(I think? The bloodline was never fully explained besides the chakra chains and the mysterious dojutsu.)
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