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for Naruto: the chakra molder

3/3 c17 Guest
Really hate when authors notes are in the middle of a story.
Completely breaks immersion.
3/1 c88 Borello
interesting work.
2/25 c87 Guest
When you update your DBZ Story can you keep the pairing Gohan and Briana and Melisa x Mirai I prefer that than Gohan with a whole bunch of wives also can you expose Hercule
2/26 c88 thor94
fun chapter.
Liked the four wall reference to the manga and anime.
The buffon orochimaru spoken is definitely jiraiya, at least with naruto. In fact kishimoto turned sensei into useless buffons only when they trained naruto.
How to explain the 3 years and 1 student ending in genin to only genin when the same ninja was able to do a few months and 3 students ending in nothing to jonin
2/26 c1 6nasapeepolover116
also I thought that chakra chains were actually a bloodline just it was actually pretty rare in the clan
2/26 c1 nasapeepolover116
2/26 c2 nasapeepolover116
I liked it but I'm almost 100 percent sure kakashi knew that Naruto is Minato's son he was just to in greif or something
2/26 c88 4Monster King
Awesome work
2/9 c9 13Trace Reading
yeah this one has thoroughly succumbed to No Original Thoughts no Jutsu.

and seriously. Run through your chapters, purge all the mid-paragraph author's notes, and then reupload them. Same with the shit at the top saying 'blah blah this is human this is thoughts this is demon'
2/6 c1 flamberge egg
Yo, okay, stop putting author's notes in the middle of everything.

Also? Japanese naming convention rarely if ever hyphenates the family name. Prestigious families would take precedence over command-level military service, ergo, Kushina if she didn't choose to adopt the Namikaze name to make her marriage visible would more than likely encourage Minato to take on the Uzumaki name instead.
2/8 c6 Trace Reading
Too many author's notes interrupting things. Also. Proofreading. These chapters need some serious work to be brought up to snuff.
2/6 c4 Trace Reading
Kushina being a swordfighter with some fucky-looking sword cliche CHECK.
2/3 c6 1ErwinG'Arc
Hah... I was hoping to see no main girl here. Oh well. It's good while it lasts I guess. Thanks for the story tho, keep up the great work.
2/3 c3 13Trace Reading
wasted my review note last chapter but yeah, the CRA? What a silly fanon cliche that is. Nope, clans and families go extinct all the time, there's no bloodline so special that it can't be wiped out. No bloodline so unique or indispensable that it justifies anyone getting a harem.
2/3 c2 Trace Reading
nobody. can see. without pupils.

stop that.
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