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for Matters of the Heart

10/7/2020 c155 Pitchisbliss
Take your time we well all be here when its ready, your health comes first.
10/7/2020 c155 bechloe-4evs
I can relate to the loneliness feeling and no matter what people say to you having your own negative thoughts just taking over, being all you can think about. I hope you find something that helps you overcome it. Try and do things that make you feel happy, listen to your favourite songs, we'll all still be here when you feel ready to continue writing, you got this
10/4/2020 c154 Pixie1913
I like how sneaky a Julia can be. I hope Catsy wins Bree over. A pet may be just what she needs.
10/2/2020 c154 surreal
Great read as always
10/2/2020 c154 Andiclauds
Oh yeah...now I remember. The mini fast forward thing, at the court. When I read that, I didn’t realize Aubrey had kids with a man...I was thinking its her kids with Chloe. Have to read it again. Lol. :D
10/1/2020 c154 SunDanceQT
awe, she's bonding with Catsy!
9/27/2020 c153 iambjo12
I was wondering since we have a celebrity to go with all of the other characters, if you could give us one for Noah or someone in the vicinity of who you imagine in your head when you write him.
9/27/2020 c153 SunDanceQT
ooooooh. also, how much time has passed since the beginning of this story?
9/26/2020 c153 Pixie1913
At this point I think It’s pretty obvious I’m incapable of shielding my heat. I obviously want to know what’s in the folder ... but I also recognize it’s an invasion of privacy. However, maybe it’s important things Chloe wanted Bree to know.
9/26/2020 c153 Andiclauds
Wow! It’s been a while...had so much catching up to do. So glad I’m finally able to catch up. Lol

And oh my gosh Chloe is still unconscious?! :(( I miss her. I miss her and Aubrey together :(( And these flashbacks of Aubrey and Howie isn’t helping. It’s making me miss (present) Chaubrey even more. :((

P.S. I read in one of the reviews below that “he (Howie) fathers her (Aubrey) child”...wait did I miss something? Anything? Lol
9/26/2020 c152 agentcanaryscotx
just want to say that i'm not really sure what i meant when i mentioned "neurotypical" on my last review but i was trying to say it as "controlling freak" .. idk why my brain was trying to complicate words for me *facepalm*
9/25/2020 c152 Daisy
Are you trying to make me forget about Beca and Chloe with Howie cause.. don’t hate me.. I’m falling for it.

Also Chloe seeing them and talking to Aubrey is absolute LOVE. I miss her and that positive energy of hers so much.
9/25/2020 c151 Daisy
Oh Howie so has my heart ️

As I read through Howie and Aubreys conversation I think it may have been the first time in a long while I could feel her teasing someone and it absolutely set such a wonderful mood ... until that last line that broke my heart. You toy with my emotions so good
9/25/2020 c152 agentcanaryscotx
'It isn't a very difficult goodbye seeing as all her friends are dead anyway, she thinks bitterly.' I- ASDGFHJKLGSHAJ IDK WHETHER TO LAUGH OR CRY OMG.. and its weird you're making me like Howie he really seems a nice guy even if he's annoyingly in love with Aubrey, at least he's better than Jesse.. i hope he really is a nice guy *cross fingers* very few people out there that treats Aubrey like she's not neurotypical or whatever..

and YES YOU GIVE EMOTIONAL HANGOVER (i think i was scared in the dark for a few nights after having to read Aubrey and Beca surviving in the rain while Chloe's missing) yay for new goal atttainment!
9/24/2020 c152 SunDanceQT
wow I wasn't expecting that!
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