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3/12 c160 MaliXx
Oh my god.. this hit pretty hard :(
3/12 c160 3Mein Gott
This review is a culmination of thoughts of the last few chapters since I had to catch up. Actually, I think it's just best that Beca left. There's nothing for Beca there and with butting heads with Aubrey all the time, why would anyone subject themselves to that? I know that you were trying to make Aubrey sympathetic throughout and even with character development within these chapters, there's no way I could identify and empathize with a "Karen" like Aubrey because she will be a constant reminder of the privileged white women who were always racist towards me while I was growing up. Her biggoted relationship with Beca reminds me of this one racist neighbor in my youth who never had nice things to say to my mom and I, because we had a darker skin color with a different culture and somehow that upset her. Honestly she was such an unpleasant and hateful woman and I see these traits in this version of Aubrey and it scares me because I dont ever want to have a bad opinion of any kind of Bella. I think I was along for the ride to see what happens between Aubrey and Beca and how Beca responds but seeing as she's leaving (even if it's temporary) I have to admit, I'm relieved for Beca's sake. I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. She needs a break from Aubrey's judgement. And Aubrey also needs to reevaluate. I think anyone does in this situation. I'll keep tabs with this and when Beca comes back, then I'll start reading intently as well. It has been an interesting ride, albeit a stressful one that has caused me to forcefully find ways to accept and coexist this Aubrey. It's been a challenge and now it's time to step back. I'll bid you a temporary goodbye for now. Sorry if nothing made sense. English isn't my first language lol.
2/23 c159 SunDanceQT
Beca's ring totally threw me for a loop!
2/20 c158 96itadakimasu96
I sound like a record player but I love this fic. Also please... purple Elmer's glue? Why?
2/16 c158 SunDanceQT
somehow I missed your last update! loved the line about the glue sticks. also loved them not being able to think of a time they got along for more than five minutes. if only Beca could hear her inner monologue where she says thank you. really loved the part where she 'said' it's not that she was born good at everything, she was just raised not to fail.
2/15 c158 3Bechloe2505
You’re honestly the most incredible writer. Thank you for continuing this, and thank you for your latest update. I can’t wait for Chloe to (hopefully) wake up
2/14 c158 Pixie1913
I love air hockey. Haven’t played it in years but I do enjoy a good arcade. Pac-Man is my game! I can imaging that many games could create triggers for them.
2/12 c158 15RJRMovieFan
I always read chapters like this and hope you find your way back to the three women staying together. It’s hard to read this and not see that Aubrey and Beca need each other, even if it’s to challenge one another. When Chloe wakes, she’ll need both, just as they need her. Whatever the outcome, I’m always glad to see a new chapter; thanks for continuing this story.
2/12 c158 bechloe-4evs
Still my favourite story thank you for the update!
1/31 c1 Iheartpll
Added this to my followed stories in 2015 and I’m finally getting around to it. I’m commenting to see how long it will take to to complete it.
1/29 c157 Pixie1913
I’m really glad Aubrey has those videos and the people she was with her right now. Thank you for the update!
12/19/2020 c156 Pixie1913
I love that we are going to get Chloe’s perspective on the past delivered through a video diary. I like that Beca’s really making an effort to be more open with Aubrey. Also, Conrad and Brian’s banter always makes me laugh.
12/12/2020 c156 Guest
Ooo so excited to see what chloe says
12/11/2020 c156 SunDanceQT
yay! so glad you're continuing this! love conrad in this one. hope you're doing well!
12/10/2020 c156 96itadakimasu96
Ahhh Aubrey's folder on Chloe's computer. I forgot about that.. So she has a video diary instead of a written one? Ufff.
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