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4/12/2016 c1 Not important
Need more, think you can turn this into a story?
Really godd job. Love it
4/23/2014 c1 Amy
Awesome! Cap's my favorite character and you perfectly captured his thoughts!
8/22/2013 c1 267DragonyPhoenix
I like your story. I also had thought, recently actually, that Steve would have to worry about getting used as a showpiece again.
2/16/2013 c1 Guest
This is really good. Emphasis on REALLY GOOD. You could totally write the entire movie from his POV. Because it would be REALLY GOOD ;)
2/16/2013 c1 3Locked Owle
Wow. Nicely done. The flow of Steve's thoughts was very poetic and I really liked the way it ended. I would definitely be interested in reading more from you!

Thanks for writing,
2/15/2013 c1 50Audrey Lynne
This is beautiful. It's almost poetic, Steve's thoughts, and it feels so real. Genuine. It gives such a sense of how lost Steve was without a mission.

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