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for Stupid Mistakes

5/8/2014 c1 Guest
great (:
10/12/2013 c1 IceAidenne
Based on the Seven Month Itch?
3/23/2013 c1 144FonzFan82
I liked this. There could be some things that need to be fixed - "Jesse, wait " would be like this: "Jesse, wait-" Jesse plagues his thoughts, it' makes things awkward between him and Danny, distant. Would look better: Jesse plagues his thoughts, it makes things awkward between him and Danny, distant. These were all the things I caught but it was a good story though. Maybe you could do another one like this.
2/16/2013 c1 261Evil Cosmic Triplets
Thank you for writing this. I love it. The angst and then the comfort were both nicely done. The characters' voices were well written and I like how you painted Jesse as a rebel (which the show does allude to) who fought and drank and created tension between the three. Joey as the peacemaker was well done as was Danny as the voice of reason and the one who is subtly in charge. Good work. I enjoyed reading this.

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