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for His Saving Grace

10/17 c1 Love Hermione
Cute !
7/12/2017 c1 Guest
My heart is so happy reading this!
4/22/2016 c1 98mandancie
This was absolutely awesome. :D I really enjoyed this story. :D
10/24/2015 c1 4Nadiafarjana
10/26/2013 c1 lilian
Aww. How cute! Loved it very much. Great job : )
8/14/2013 c1 Agatha L
loved it so much sssssssoooooooooo sweet n adorable n cute! Lily's better off with Snape n they make such a nice family... Just try not to spoil Harry papa Snape
8/1/2013 c1 1FriendOfAll
This was so amazingly adorable and realistic. You did a great job with character development. I had to remind myself that Snape isn't Harry's father! Overall, a cute story! :)
4/2/2013 c1 161YenGirl
I can't believe I only found this now!

A gorgeous father/son story that is full of hope, love, understanding and innocence. Made me smile from start to end.

Harry will grow up to be a well adjusted young man, with a loving and compassionate heart. His helpfulness made me giggle and utter 'oh no!' at the same time.

Severus has turned from a bitter and abused young man into loving husband and father. His forgetfulness while hard at work only makes him more perfect.

Lily is... *sighs* Well, she's just one lucky woman and I'm envious of her!
3/6/2013 c1 5sneezingpanda12345
Very very very very good
2/25/2013 c1 Mystical32
This was cute, your little Harry was adorable. I liked how Snape never became a Death Eater because of his son, his little serpent!
2/18/2013 c1 10Alethea27
Good first chapter! I'm anxious to read more!
2/17/2013 c1 AppleSVU
Very lovely :)

Looking forward in seeing the next update :)
2/17/2013 c1 2PhoenixFelicis
Awww! What a cute and fluffy story! My favorite part was the fact that Harry tried to help out and end up messing up. Don't you just love it when kids try to help but it just becomes a comical mess of things! We all say that our kids are really good helpers, so when they take it to heart in a misguided attempt to help us when we don't want it, it's just so sweet, helpful, and a possible time-consumer trying to clean up their messes. I just love that sense of accomplishment kids get from helping us. They really have their hearts in the right place, but it's still funny! I definitely can't wait to
see the next chapter if there is one!

Phoenix :D
2/17/2013 c1 karisaren
Very very good story. I like story about little Harry. I glad that Harry has family.
Severus is sweet and ideal father.

Please continue writing!
2/17/2013 c1 delenda est c
very good you.
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