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10/30/2005 c2 Guest
I really like your story please update
8/23/2003 c2 10Anime-05
AAw..poor thing. I hope you continue soon, so I can get a better grasp of exactly who's doing what, and how it got this far.

5/5/2003 c2 Equinox
I'm impressed. I hope you have more.
4/10/2003 c2 12brattax23
Interesting story. I'm curious to see the interactions between the characters. Can't wait for the next chapter.
9/14/2002 c1 Matt
Love it was great...can't wait until its continued
8/11/2002 c1 6Neurotic Temptress
Intriguing. I wonder where you'll be taking this fic. Excellent work on describing each scene! I'll be on the look-out for Chapter 2! : )
8/10/2002 c1 Storm13
remy lebeau ios a kid... you do realise half the woman on fanfiction are now avoiding you like the plaque? Lol joking, I like this, it's a very original take.
8/9/2002 c1 kitty
This has started very well. Full of action and the confusion of a child this young. You've got me wondering when exactly this is taking place, so I hope there is more soon.
8/9/2002 c1 BJ
Wow Coke, really powerful beginning. It's amazingly vivid, I'll be" seeing"

this story all day. Please don't make us wait too too long for more, please?
8/9/2002 c1 Puck
I don't review often but wow. Keep going in the name of all that is holy keep it up.
8/9/2002 c1 9Evaryn
Great beginning, looking forwards to seeing more!

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