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3/18/2013 c4 Guest
I got a question. Who are these names that are randomly thrown in there. Like, Cat is sometimes Layla, Beck is occasionally Heida or something like that, and Tori is flora. and waddup with the blonde hair? maybe suzan is trying to adopt tori and rose and she is getting it on with their dad, and tori decides to have a freak out and dye her hair her original color, and her eyes are not green, people. can we think that they are just contacts? i do. and maybe it is impossible to lock yourself IN a car unless it is in the trunk, or the car is damaged. you could say that during the crazy storm a tree in the front yard falls over into the car, the back part of course, so no major injuries(or one of them could be injured) and then they are actually trapped. the next morning, the others can come out to the destroyed car with the freezing cold couple inside, and the sh*t can hit the fan. There are some ideas, and i would really like it if she wasn't blonde, though, i mean tori is known for her brown hair, come on!
3/18/2013 c4 Mee
Love it!
3/18/2013 c1 Guest
Blond hair? Green eyes? Please tell me those are fake! and who is Flora? Nickname?
3/19/2013 c5 7StopstopitGot7
r u cereally cereal! uggggg i h8 u! mkay weres my list? mkay. fanfics i hav bcum obssesd w/ # 69: second chances. hope ur happy! but cereally, CONTINU!
Bori 4-eva
3/19/2013 c5 orangejay
3/19/2013 c5 5Victoria Darlin
OMG! I absolutely adore it!
3/19/2013 c5 bellax0xchristina
I loved the Bori flirting and all that, but I have a feeling that her dad isn't adopting a little sister for tori and rose!
Looking forward to the next chapter
3/19/2013 c5 1dillydill11
wow so many reviews
i guess we are going to make that happen
smirky face
3/19/2013 c5 2Jeremy Shane
Fantastic Chapter & More Please
3/19/2013 c5 xoTeamVavanForLifexo
Well I only am one person so hopefully ALOT more ppl review! Awesome job btw. Can't wait for another chapter!
3/19/2013 c5 Lcat14
Omg u have to contunue I'm in love with this story what is going to happen to beck!
3/18/2013 c4 5Victoria Darlin
Oh my go you gave me a heart attack when I saw the word "adoption" I thought it was for the story. I absolutely love the chapter, you handle the drama super well. Good luck on your exams.
3/18/2013 c4 fangirlingoverotps
I can't wait 2 see what happens next and take all the time u need.
3/18/2013 c4 bellax0xchristina
Thins just got a whole lot more interesting
3/18/2013 c4 1dillydill11
well I'm sorry you don't like that type of review
i won't review anymore if thats what you want
i love it
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