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9/18/2015 c24 kat1316
9/18/2015 c22 kat1316
9/18/2015 c21 kat1316
lemon please
6/16/2015 c23 WriteWhatIWant
6/16/2015 c24 WriteWhatIWant
If you're not going to finish it, could you tell us or pm me how it was going to end? Doesn't have to be a chapter but can I know the ending? .
5/12/2015 c24 Deleted Account 23456765432
5/12/2015 c12 Deleted Account 23456765432
0_0, *Sadness*
5/12/2015 c8 Deleted Account 23456765432
5/12/2015 c3 Deleted Account 23456765432
5/12/2015 c1 Deleted Account 23456765432
Yoite! He's alive!
11/25/2014 c24 1I-Love-Trunks1
I've just finished reading what you've written so far, and I love it. It's sad though. Poor Yoite and Miharu. It's fine if you can't finish writing the story. I hope someday you find the motivation to finish it, cause I'd love to read what happens next.
9/23/2014 c24 Scitila
your SSOOO cruel i'm gonna curl up and cry now PLZ finish this! :*( !
9/16/2014 c24 vhs
awe that sucks :\ I was looking forward to what happens next. OH! And I know, I've been gone for a long time, as in not reviewing much lol I hadn't had the money to buy internet till now. I know your probably very busy lol so I do understand why you quit writing and I just want you to know, that's ok. It was awesome while the story started and a lot of people quit so I understand. But I want to say one thing to you, you didn't break your promise you promised you would finish and even though you didn't you stayed dedicated to it, and that to me is amazing, and you kept it up for a long time, nearly a year and I don't know why you quit maybe you just got bored. So I just wanted to say I understand :) your cool and always will be awesome in my book sorry for taking so long to review btw. See you around. :D And I look forward to one of your next stories.
8/19/2014 c24 Lemonkittylove
no problem! its nice you told us instead of us waiting for nothing..thanks for your hard work
8/13/2014 c23 Lemonkittylove
this is so sweet and cute!keep up the good work!
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