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10/6/2013 c14 Annegwish
Poor Yoite! He senses how fragile and fleeting his time with Miharu is! I'm so glad Miharu was there to comfort him, Yoite needs that I think. Miharu is so genuine with Yoite, they are so adorable with each other!
10/6/2013 c13 Annegwish
I'm so happy to see Yoite doing better! I like the analogy of the springtime.

I love Yoite and Miharu together, they are too cute and so tender with each other! It's very sweet!
10/6/2013 c12 Annegwish
Yoite is fighting so hard, I'm glad! I see the stress finally got to Miharu, poor thing!

I want to give them hugs!
10/6/2013 c11 Annegwish
Oh no! Yoite HAS to be ok or I'm going to cry like a baby! I'm reading this for happy fluff, don't turn all tragic on me! *shakes fist*

Will Yoite get better? Can he let Miharu close enough to return his affections?

...I hope so. Miharu and Yoite deserve some happiness, I think.
10/6/2013 c10 Annegwish
Moar devil!miharu... Heehee!
10/6/2013 c9 Annegwish
*falls over from death-by-cute*


(i love it)
10/6/2013 c8 Annegwish
It's so cute! I love Yoite and how happy he was!
10/6/2013 c7 Annegwish
Awwww! Yoite is too precious for words, dreaming of Miharu!
10/6/2013 c6 Annegwish
No, Yukimi didn't seem OOC!
10/6/2013 c5 Annegwish
I think Yukimi was fine...
10/6/2013 c4 Annegwish
That's so romantic!
10/6/2013 c3 Annegwish
Miharu sure is stubborn. Yukimi was hysterical!

... I 333333 devil!Miharu!
10/6/2013 c2 Annegwish
Miharu is so cute!
10/6/2013 c1 Annegwish
Oooooo! I love Nabari No O fanfics, I'm so happy I spotted it! It's not too cliched, you almost have to have one in the opening for anything resembling a happy ending for Yoite and Miharu.
10/4/2013 c15 gone deleted killed account
For the love of everything lovey-dovey and cute! PLEASE LET THERE BE MORE! :D
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