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7/5/2013 c11 reasons
omg that must be soo scary for poor miharu :( I would probably cry can't wait for chapter 12 seriously I hope its soon
7/5/2013 c11 vhs
this was really good I can't for the next one to come out it also gave me chills lol
7/5/2013 c11 Guest
I love it so much cant wait for the next chapter :D
7/1/2013 c10 Pets Heart
Lol no, Miharu is not so OOC XD
Neither he nor certainly Raimei. Maybe Miharu, comparing him to his attitude in the manga, is slightly too willing to confide in her; however, we have to consider the situation.
It's normal that he is excited, to use a mild term, to have Yoite again with him, and the excitement always brings greater expansiveness.
I felt sorry for Raimei, she and Koichi were a couple really pretty ç_ç
6/27/2013 c10 9sauri555
Wow, really a nice story. I liked it, hope u will update soon :)
6/23/2013 c10 28mistyhollowdrummer
Well to me I think Miharu is fine. Reimai is too, although I think at some point she should get lost following the wrong person. XD She would be like, "Miharu, first kisses are supposed be special- Gah!" And yada ya. That's just me though. Don't let me influence you. XD But don't take forever Update more often! Like, every hour- Er, I mean, every week... Yeah, that's what I meant. *shifty eyes* Just like a certain day so that way we can keep up with the story or not get bored... Or something more important. *more shifty eyes*
6/22/2013 c10 no one
lol FINALLY! I've been waiting forever to find out what happened next lol :) thank you for updating :) can't wait for another chapter which I hope it's soon
5/30/2013 c8 Guest
5/30/2013 c3 Guest
Love it! lol i miss that devilish side of him:)
5/27/2013 c9 2H-Marley
Aww. Hope Yoite gets better. I love it so far hehe Please update soon
5/13/2013 c9 28mistyhollowdrummer
Oh, I just love this chapter I'm so glad Yoite is waking up and he can see. Hehe Yoite and Miharu kissing. Add more of that for me, will you? XD But I do like this chapter. I hope to see more progress soon *pulls out chainsaw* Soon. OO
5/10/2013 c9 glitch
I hope Miharu and Yoite go live with Yukimi, or that Yukimi moves next door to Miharu, and Yoite moves in with Yukimi again and Miharu gets to see Yoite every day. That would make me happy.
5/9/2013 c9 Pets Heart
Miharu's grandmother must learn not to give some news when he is eating and/or drinking, otherwise there is a serious risk that Miharut suffocates alone XD
I am really glad that finally Yoite is showing the first signs of a real recovery. Certainly he hasn't many forces, but is able to clearly recognize Miharu's presence.
The last part of the chapter was soooo sweet
Yoite is really stubborn for not yet figured out *how* much Miharu love him.
5/3/2013 c8 Pets Heart
This time Yoite woke up really, of course, in fact it has happened briefly and with difficulty. He is sick, unfortunately very bad, and although it's normal to hope that he heals soon isn't so easy.
I really admire the Miharu's strength, is terribly painful remain close to the person you love when she's so bad. But he never gives up, his thoughts are so pure and sincere only to Yoite.
4/25/2013 c5 BleachGirl99
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