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for Teen Titans, the Meta-Warriors

8/29/2013 c5 1cowmaiden
*gasp* Is Beast Boy a brony?!
5/6/2013 c1 6BlueWarrior 2.0
Great story I'm really looking forward to seeing what Starfire's Pokemon is going to be (I thinking Eevee would be a good one) looking forward to seeing what next adventures are in store for the Meta-Warriors.
3/24/2013 c6 A.M.Rouss
Oh My Gosh! I love your story! I have a few suggestions to make. For Starfire I think a vulpix would do very nicely and a cubone for Terra, if you decide to put her in the story. Vulpix since vupixes are small, cute, powerful, and fast, just like Starfire. And a cubone because cubones are known as the lone Pokemon, I'm pretty sure, and Terra traveled a lot and was chased out of towns she tried to help because she couldn't control her powers so, yeah. But there may be Pokemon from other regions that fit them better; I'm just using Kanto's Pokemon because I've only really season 1. But now that I've got internet, that's all gonna change. Anyways, keep up the great work!

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