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for The Fox and the Wolverine

7/28/2018 c23 WolvieLover
I hope you decide to finish the story soon
9/5/2017 c23 7LivingALittle
Umm... More please?
10/28/2014 c23 Guest
Foxy the Pirate Fox
7/18/2014 c20 4TheLookin'Glass
At first glance, when I clicked on the story, I thought their song would be Victoria Justice's 'Bad Boys.'
5/25/2014 c23 JellyOctoCloud
-says in deep voice- You have not update!?
You DIEEEEEE- not.
Heheh ;)
Seriously, awesome story please update soon. 3
2/27/2014 c23 caroline
Ok fair enough BUT THE MINUTE EXAMS ARE DONE START FUCKING TYPING! (I don't hate you. I just love this story)Toodles! :)
2/23/2014 c23 Fleeing Dawn
wait... hiatus seems a whole lot more permanent than just slow updates... DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THIS! Pwease?
2/8/2014 c13 Hollydoor
Aawwwwww it would have been cooler if she had a tail too
1/17/2014 c22 2LittleMissBelmont
I like the fic so far. I'm guessing Victor is going to capture her soon? On your claim of Logan being OOC, he is a little bit but at the same time remember how he acted whenever he had a girl in Origins. That's your key to getting him right. Make him just a bit more manly and masculine when you enter his thoughts and POV but not too much cause he does indeed have a soft side. And one thing that confused me a bit about her look change was how her hair color stayed black. It feels like since she's a fox that her hair would have changed to match the ears more.
12/29/2013 c22 1TeacupHeart
I love this story. Logan may be a tad OOC, but with the flow of the story, it works. I don't think he'd let awkward feelings get in the way of training her for long though, Victor's so dangerous and training her to protect herself is way more important than avoiding each other. I hope to read more soon!
12/25/2013 c22 2Sesshomaru8282
Hey im loving this
12/21/2013 c22 6Ayame Chiyoko
Awww...how cute!
12/21/2013 c22 1Spirit Kiss
Merry Christmas! I've been basking in the glory of my shows' Christmas specials! He does seem a bit *holds fingers centimeters apart* OOC...
12/14/2013 c21 Calliope's Scribe
I'm so happy they kissed! They totally had it coming. Please update, your story is great!
12/7/2013 c21 Jennifer
Hi, I just found this story and have been enjoying it immensely. You have a wonderful ability to tell a story with good flow. I also appreciate this is more of a real story with romance and not just smut. Not that I don't like a little smut, just it gets repetitive and the way you write Natalee and her school friends, adjustment to her mutation, and Logan is refreshing. Good luck with your courses and I look forward to more of your story. -Jennifer
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