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5/31/2013 c29 loveabitofglee
Please update soon I wanna why Ava is freaking out!
5/31/2013 c29 Lolo725
Can't wait to read the next chapter! I hope it's up soon!
5/27/2013 c28 Guest
Please keep going! I really love this story! I check it everyday to see if its updated.. My favorite fic at the moment.. :)
5/27/2013 c28 Lauren
I love it! Keep going!
5/27/2013 c28 1Shelz
Great idea with the puppy! Wondering how the next Finn/Rachel conversation is going to go! Great update!
5/27/2013 c28 4team steroline mom
Loved this chapter. Love this story. Easy so excited when u updated. I hope you continue with this. I def think they should have another or she is pregers and hasn't told anyone yet;-)
5/27/2013 c28 noro
more excellent writing update asap great work
5/27/2013 c28 loveabitofglee
Please keep going! I love this story!
5/27/2013 c28 3nandi12896
Get to thirty you can do it! :)
5/27/2013 c28 27FinchelFan728
I loved it!
5/19/2013 c27 Gleeky
I love this fic! Please keep going!
5/18/2013 c27 Guest
I really love this story! Please continue writing! :)
5/17/2013 c27 noro
more great chapters update soon
5/17/2013 c27 11ShakeItOffBrie
This story is really good! Ive been reading it since the day you posted it! Please write more. I love it!
5/16/2013 c26 27FinchelFan728
I love this!
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