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for Caught in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement (On Hold)

1/25/2017 c1 Guest
4/8/2015 c1 2BunnyluvsU
Write more
4/3/2015 c5 BunnyluvsU
1/3/2015 c5 katilyn.gabrielle
This is so good can't wait till it's off hold.
8/20/2014 c5 8vampangel33
You are doing a wonderful job at writing this time period. I very much enjoy reading the gang's reactions. I hope when it comes down to it though Steve will know when to draw the line. It's a shame how the blacks were treated in this time period and thank god things have changed. Keep up the good work I can't wait to read more!
2/20/2014 c1 Me
This s a very interesting idea for the times this is set in. Outsiders TV series had an episode on it : mirror images
2/19/2014 c5 Johnny-and-Ponyboy-Forever
OMG I love this! PLEASE update again ASAP! Pretty please!
2/19/2014 c5 Cat414
I like the chapter, and the story overall :) I look forward to more!
6/4/2013 c3 8Cat414
Hey, this story is pretty good, and I agree with you everyone is equal. Are you going to continue this story? I can only imagine how tricky it is to write this but you're doing really well and I'd like more; when you have a chance. :)
3/1/2013 c2 2Bindzoya Sagiquarius
Ooh I like this! Theydid an episode like this in the TV series of the Outsiders
2/28/2013 c3 Animated Innovation
Just a tip on your formatting: You should use paragraphs a bit more. Everytime a different person talks it should look like this:
"Hi!" he said.
"Hi!" she replied.
"What's up?"
"Nothing much."

That way you don't have to keep saying "he said", "She said" either.
All in all storyline's good though, especially for a difficult topic like this.
2/19/2013 c2 sakuralover11
I ve been looking for one about the civil rights update soon!
2/19/2013 c1 2cristlay
I haven't read many stories like these, because they're very rare on this part of the fandom. I really like the concept- if it's carried out properly. Getting the right feelings and interactions will be hard, since it was never mentioned in the book, but I think you have a good idea and will do great:) One question though, is everyone still alive?
2/18/2013 c1 JCX
This isn't a new concept in outsiders fanfic but it is a rare and difficult one. The idea is certainly tantalizing, it'd be interesting to see how different members if the gang feel about it. It is very likely that at least one of them would have racist tendencies considering that was rather normal at the time. But the reason why this is such a rare concept in fanfic is because so few people here actually went through the civil rights movement themselves and race is a bit of a sensitive issue at times, even today. But again, it wouldn't hurt to have more writers attempt these types if stories.

With that said, it also wouldn't hurt to use spellcheck or even having a basic understanding of grammar, now would it?
2/18/2013 c1 Guest
Wow, I love stories like this, but they are very far and few. I definitely think you should continue with this idea but don't let any discouragement hold you back it's a tricky topic to write about, but someone should.

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