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2/5/2015 c4 1Impstar
Eesh, nasty. I wonder what it will look like when it's grown up. And it looks like Eragon's falling under the swarm's sway... not that I'm confident we'll ever get to see it in story. On the other hand, it's clearly not dead yet so...
2/5/2015 c4 Acono
Two years in the making, quality has not suffered. Good chapter! Looking forward to more.
2/4/2015 c4 1OakheadLord
Oh hey, this story got updated! I enjoy the characterization of the zerg, and Eragon's reactions to it. Please continue the story.
2/4/2015 c4 21edboy4926
Good chapter.
1/10/2015 c3 7Tsamoka
Is the egg going to be a zerg-enhanced dragon, or a dragon-enhanced zerg? Personally I would prefer a Saphira/Kerrigan hybrid, but it's your story. Keep up the good work! :)
12/1/2014 c3 daemonkeeper
I hope you carry on with this. Not many fanfics have such a compelling zerg
10/27/2014 c3 A simple guest
If if were possible, Starcraft x eragon would be my OTP
Anyway, AWESOME story so far! There's so many possibilities... What will saphira look like? How will the rider 'link' be affected? Really exited for more!
10/26/2014 c3 22Dinosaur Mercenary
What involvement do the Zerg have in the Inheritance Cycle? Will the Queen of Blades appear? What will happen when the egg hatch? What creature did Eragon have in this story?
10/11/2014 c3 1Mastermind4892
Dark skies are gathering over the horizon. Soon the world shall see a mighty astride a dragon unlike anything the stars have ever seen.

Please update soon!
9/17/2014 c3 Blinded in a bolthole
So... Your Queen listens?
9/7/2014 c3 1Impstar
Your story is both creepy and interesting. I hope you don't give up on it.
8/31/2014 c3 nope.avi
i like where your taking this but i thought it would be more interesting if it was more a tale of the zergs coquest of the whole world starting a bit after eragon leaves and the swarm would have to conquer all of the planet but i feel like thatd be too easy for the swarm to conquer the planet being their lack of tech and the zerg being capable of taking bullets and the ultralisks can take tank rounds easily youd have to nerf the swarm alot perhaps make it so that their exoskeleton is softer cause the creep not being capable of getting stronger minerals leaveing them with alot weaker armor otherwise only mages/wizards could kill even a zergling i like your story tho mine might take awhile i feel like you should continue regardless ima point a couple of inacuraces in the plot most of eragons thoughts towards the egg were influenced by the free eldunarie they would probally notice a zergling chillen in the egg although the zerg overlords/overseers have psychic abilities just communication perhaps some controlling abilities cause the overmind and eventually kerrigan wouod have trouble controlling all the zerg although broodmothers can controll the swarm for short periods of time not effiencently but then again that was with kerrigans forces on the zerg homeworld in sc2 so i guess a broodmother could control a smaller swarm near permanatley if the soon to be zerg can consume enough essence and its possible that zerg could spawn a brood
8/19/2014 c3 pataponvideo
Let the swarm be unleash on this poor back water plant!
8/12/2014 c3 8DeadRich18
I have been waiting so long for a new chapter. And you go ahead and place a CLIFFHANGER!?

Well done sir or madam, well done

I look forward to see where this goes and how everyone will react to the power of the Swarm
8/9/2014 c1 SneakyDevil
Not much to say, you mixed "his" and "its" up a lot, flip floping between the two.

Also you forgot the d in poked.
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