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for Blood is Thicker than Water, Love is Thicker than Time

10/2/2017 c15 Guest
This is such a wonderful story, do you think you'll ever finish it? Also I've got to say that your writing is spot on.
9/30/2017 c15 TGA Reader
Love it, I know you uploaded this 4 years ago, but the story has so much potential and I'm sure a lot of readers would love to have more chapters. It would be great to read more about Jack and Ennis living out the sweet life just like Junior's drawing.
7/15/2017 c15 Guest
What a perfect story, we definitely need a sequel!
4/11/2017 c15 Jo
What a perfect family...The two men were standing in front of a house, holding hands, with a pair of horses, the two girls, and a smaller male figure that Junior had labeled 'Bobby.' and a dog.
Love this story, which it was longer. Hopefully there will be a sequel one day. :-)
Thank you for sharing your story, enjoyed it, most likely to read it again
4/11/2017 c14 Jo
I hate Jack's Dad, one simple act had kept them apart all these years. One message, all he had to do was just Ennis's message to Jack. Heck, just tell Jack he had called. It would have made a world of difference.
"I woulda left everything behind and gone with you, Jack, if only you'd been there to give me the strength to do it." Damn that man!
4/10/2017 c7 Jo
Hahaha, that was the most funny inner dialogue I have read. All the conflicting and confusing thoughts of Ennis on the eve of his wedding night.
So endearing of him to hope Jack would rescue him from his wedding. He did tried but you were too stubborn about having to kept your promise to Alma.
4/10/2017 c6 Jo
This sums up Ennis's problem that lead to the tragic events in the movie. 2 lovers kept apart for 20 years by fear of what might happen "I can't live with him. I can't live without him. I gotta leave him. I can't stay. I can't go. I can't do anything."
4/10/2017 c5 Andy
So Ennis has gone from a shy hesitant man entering the tent, to a blod confident man giving Jack a blow job within the same hour? That's the quickest personal transformation ever in history. He has gone from "I aren't queer, This here's a one shot thing we got going on," to "we got time tonight. Might as well get as much practicin' in as possible, get it as right as we can." in a night. Not that we are complianting.
4/10/2017 c4 Jo
I really like your writing style, giving us an inside look from Ennis's perceptive about his first sexual encounter with Jack and his conflicting emotions regarding this new found feeling for another man. So well written that it makes me feel like I am watching the movie again but with more in depth understanding of the characters.
Looking forward to the rest of the story.
4/10/2017 c1 Guest
Goes to show love is universal, even kids recognise it when they don't know the meaning behind it. "until she realizes that her daddy would be happier with the man than with her mommy, who'd never been as nice to him as that man was..."
1/3/2017 c15 MoonGoddess111
Please update soon. I really enjoyed reading this.
7/9/2014 c15 3One-Step-From-Hell
The end? :((
6/7/2014 c1 atlantis11
Truelly likes this story. Could use a few more chapters of a sequel? Hint.
5/21/2014 c14 33Sinceslicedbread
I'm crying, my heart has been broken and mended anew.
5/20/2014 c7 Sinceslicedbread
Oh my goodness, the pain is palable. The indecision, the uncertainty.
The only thing Ennis is certain of, is that he wants Jack.
He's used to Jack's touch.
It ain't Alma's fault.
Great chapter.
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