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for Dance of the White Fox

10/18 c5 Guest
I like the Story.
You are good at it and please make more
5/25 c5 10HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 6.
4/17 c5 24Midnight Lost
Damn, real shame that this story has been abandoned, it was an extremely good read.

All the more frustrating that it ended where it did, as I wanted to see more of the fallout between Naruto and Team 7.

Oh well, guess I can always just imagine what is going to happen.

Anyways, placing this on my follow and favorite list in case the stars align and you return to it.
3/16 c5 uchiha-rune
Awsome fanfiction please continue
3/16 c1 uchiha-rune
Had should be always at lest c rank for hado and more
1/28 c5 Just a bored Highschooler
Hope you update tho it's getting good
12/6/2020 c5 lara.niric
It's great and I wish there were more chapters.
9/15/2020 c5 Hime-chan
Awesome I love it
7/31/2020 c5 edbones100
You know if u don't want to continue then at least have the decency to tell others about it and don't leave them hang and dry with meaningless cliffhanger like this. What a lazy ass author!
12/14/2019 c1 Kingofsadist
just make sure that urahara throws a baloon giving him a message
12/4/2019 c5 3Mumia0813
Anymore chapters?
9/6/2019 c5 Rivai Levi Ackerman
Can you please continue? This story is one of the best stories I have read and I would like to know what happens afterwards.
6/28/2019 c5 Hashirama 1710
it's a shame that you never continued this
6/18/2019 c5 Anime100
This is truly interesting to read; please update very soon
3/30/2019 c5 Guest
man this good, why did you stop?
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