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for Dance of the White Fox

12/7/2013 c5 3higfig
A few spelling mistakes here and there like when you had "not" instead of "naught", but they were only small and ignorable things.

Not much progression in the chapter overall, with the only things really happening was the conversation/dancing with Shirayuki and Sasuke getting the curse mark. That's understandable though considering it's the preliminaries.

Good chapter in its entirety though, and I look forward to the next one.
12/7/2013 c4 Doctor Dandy
Either way, this is still a good story. It's something that no one else has really done, and I hope to see it finished.

- Thorndsword
12/7/2013 c5 Guest
Good chapter, looking forward to more. I hope he can still become friends with the kyuubi. In the month of training maybe he'll get up to level 60 bakudo?
12/4/2013 c1 that guy
I vote strictly Naruto x Sode no Shirayuki
11/22/2013 c4 3leafpool5
i hope you update soon
11/20/2013 c4 AimleZZ
Strictly naruto x sode no shirayuki!
11/19/2013 c4 Jose19
I want to keep Sode No Shirayuki because Kurama doesn't interest me at all in the pairing.
11/19/2013 c2 Jose19
I hope that you update this story because you said that you have paying too much attention to "Embracing your Inner Demon" so it makes sense to update your other stories, and this problem is quite normal for some writers when they have successful stories because they tend to get caught up in their most successful stories.
11/19/2013 c1 Jose19
I am rather interested in this story because the pairing that you are suggesting is part of Rukia's Sword but how can you make this relationship work because she is not a living person like Sakura who by the way I detest like you do because how in the world is Naruto so stupid to follow her like a puppy with a girl that will never give you the time of day because she is stuck in Sasuke's ass, and don't even give me started on Sasuke because Kishimoto has a obsession with the Uchiha, and Naruto is supposed to be the Main character but his favoritism towards Sasuke is so blatant that it makes me sick.
11/17/2013 c3 5Shinkicker
Oh yeah, as the other guy said, Naruto can't use Chakra anymore, therefore, the Kyuubi is made somewhat redundant. Could use it to fight internal battles though, I guess, to absorb its power to reach Bankai or something.
11/17/2013 c4 Shinkicker
Cool story, hope to see more. Are there others like this one? Also, just keep the pairing as a pair, stick to your guns, so to speak. You can build much more solid relationships with just two people than with a whole host of em.

Thanks for posting.
11/16/2013 c4 Drakolf
I know that I cast my vote back in June, but that was before I started my account, so does it count? To save time for you, I'll just say it again. Strictly Naruto x Sode no Shirayuki please. While Naruto x Fem Kyuubi/Kurama is one of my favorite pairings, this fic was originally supposed to be a strict Naruto x Sode no Shirayuki pairing, correct? So why change it now and mess up the development by changing the pairing? Furthermore is the fact that Naruto can no longer use chakra since his training with Urahara which was explained in chapter 2, I think. So adding in Fem Kyuubi and making this a small harem would in fact be pointless. I also just want to say, to the idiots that want Hinata involved in this pairing as a "friend with benefits", GTFO. That is not one of the options so stop trying to force the author to do so. Also, there are very few strict Naruto x Sode no Shirayuki fics, and I'd rather keep it like this. This is his fic, so it's his rules, so kindly leave him be and go read a different fanfic if you have difficulty with what that All this my opinion, so you don't agree, then shut it. You people have o say in what my opinions should be To CrazyFool65, I wish you a good day and luck with your future plans. I look forward to your next update.
11/16/2013 c1 4lovesfanfriction
Awesome story! Totally love the sakura bashing, not only is she useless in the first season, she is obsessed with sasuke. Please continue this story
11/12/2013 c4 colonelguigui
This is awesome
11/6/2013 c4 SubjectDigamma
Just keep it Naruto x Sode no Shirayuki
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