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for Rock, Paper, Scissors

3/26/2018 c2 AshuraKatarina
Leaves me in tears everytime I re-read this! This is amazing and really captures how harsh and cruel the world is. I keep imagining happy endings for this and hope to see one as I need the JeLu fluff! Despite that though, this has to be one of my favourites
3/24/2017 c2 XxpandalovexX
This is totally brutal,and freaking sad!
I almost cried the whole the night when I read the first and second chapter..
I know people may not find it sad but for me it is really freaking sad..
2/10/2017 c2 ctkatieq99
Sob... sob. It's so sad.
8/4/2016 c1 Hshxbf diz
I know it's been 3 years since you updated this. I dunno if you even check FF net anymore, but I was wondering what the story you read that inspired this was called. I found this fic a year ago, and it remains one of THE most inspiring stories I've ever read. I'd love to read the original that inspired this. Thanks. Amazing writing by the way. Its just incredible.
3/28/2016 c2 nakama14499
i wonder if this is a creepy pasta cause it freak me out .
3/2/2016 c2 Axel
Wtf... Is it. A horror story?...a useless story
12/10/2015 c2 Aircakes
I... I think I'm way too young to read this. But still... It touched my heart... Even tho I'm 12 I'm sending this to my friends.. She's going to be so pissed. Heh... Heh. Haven't felt this sad since the pacifist ending of Undertale...
10/22/2015 c1 Guest
How violent. Rather good. The alternate ending... Great. Sadly, this is realistic. People die, people live, people are born... This happens every second. Somewhere, right now, someone is dying in a car accident. It's really sad, but it's the truth. Someone is being mauled to death and maggots are wriggling in someone's empty eye sockets. Nobody cares, and nobody knows their name. People are still going along their lives normally. You don't care because you don't know them and it's not your responsibity to care, right? You don't even know their name, do you? Wow... I can't describe this. I know, bite me. This got to me. I've read some gory and unpleasant things... But the emotion. I'm almost crying right now. The rape scene though... I won't lie, I averted my eyes. Sue me. Lucy has totally excepted her death! Look! See wrote it in her journal! I won't wake up again, will I? That got to me. I'll be dead. That seriously got to me, and so did the part about Jellal getting his arm ripped off and not ever getting to meet Lucy again. Sadly... This happens. You won't notice and you won't care and I don't either, though I'd like to think I do. You won't notice things because they're not in your line of sight and often times, you'll look over them. Like that twenty dollar bill. That's you! You're that twenty dollar bill! So think about this, and try not to be sad.
8/11/2015 c2 2SkyLine0610
Even though this was so sad and depressing, it really captures life and how not everything is a "good" life. I love it.
6/14/2015 c2 28xoanneox
You made me cry once again
No srs, I'm laying iny bed with tears in my eyes.
6/14/2015 c1 xoanneox
It makes me cry every damn time
5/11/2015 c2 2Shay Itten
Oh, my god, this is amazing. I liked the fact that you didn't end this happily, because this is true angst. I think I'm tearing up. :-(
And I also loved this because I'm a secret JeLu shipper. ;-)
4/16/2015 c1 WordsWithoutFriends
No matter how many times I read it, it's always amazing, and brings tears to my eyes. This is honestly one of my favorite stories on his site. You are amazing, and I love your philosophical way of ending it.
12/13/2014 c1 Why
That... was depressing.
12/1/2014 c1 9Mystic Stars
I really understood your story. I loved really. I'm glad it didn't have a happy ending, because whoever reads this story will see just how merciless and corrupted this world is.
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