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12/5/2016 c1 4SailorThePhangirlingDemigod
The role reversal is cute. I would've thought Phil would've been the fluffy pastel but I like it when Dan is the fluffy pastel occasionally. Keep writing
4/17/2015 c1 Sabrina
Write more or I will kill you in your sleep this was so good
11/3/2014 c1 Me again
Adorable. The feels, man. Simply... GAHHH *dies from feels, but then is resurrected because I've died from feels so many times and I never seem to stay dead from fandoms*. Ha...haha...*awkwardly trails off*. But dude this was super cute. Continue...maybe? Please? As I said before, you've literally introduced me to them and this fandom. So thanks! KEEP WRITING AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
Pilar :3
2/24/2014 c1 Guest
I think it was a little short...
5/12/2013 c1 PhanJovie
Aw it was short and sweet! Cute! Although I wonder what fic this was that he read? The outcome certainly would've been different if he wa reading like the chair fic or something...
4/24/2013 c1 2TheultimatePhangirl
Oh oh oh, I'm crying! That was so cute! Please write more when you have the time! That was amazing *highfive*
4/17/2013 c1 12fruityphan
really cute . great job
3/28/2013 c1 1PhandomGirl
aw :) that was cute this story should have more reviews!
2/20/2013 c1 2lifelane
This is a super cute story! :)

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