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for Percy Jackson and The Olympians: Highschool

12/26/2017 c7 1TheGhostQueen13
monsters become dust, not slime, just wanted to point that out, doing good though
12/26/2017 c4 TheGhostQueen13
Umm, is Annabeth a phycopath? Seriously, dial it down with the crazy girlfriend thing, that's not Annabeth, I have an oc in an insane asylum who is more like this girl than Annabeth, calm down.
10/19/2015 c7 DemigodforLife
I love your story! Please keep writing!
10/19/2015 c4 DemigodforLife
Maybe you could have Annabeth be bullied, and Percy making them jealous when they realize that he was her boyfriend. (Or maybe have him blow up a water fountain.)
12/21/2013 c7 Logan
hurry up and update bitch
7/22/2013 c7 1SilentVendetta22
Noooo we need more!
7/1/2013 c1 K.C.R
Again, when someone starts talking, you put space between them and the paragraph. Otherwise, it ruins the effect. That, and your story is stuffier then a room filled to the brim with Chihuahuas. Once again, too many grammar mistakes, read over your story more often.

Also, don't switch views as often, it's bad for the readers. It makes them feel like strangling you.
5/29/2013 c7 3PJATOHOO
You should really update soon! It's awesome
5/27/2013 c7 DaughterofViolanceandAthena
Plz update
3/9/2013 c7 Reviewer E
I think your plotline is fractured and your piont of views make it even harder to understand. You should really get somebody to read over your story before you post it, because it might makes sense to you, but not every body knows all the details in your head. You show some potential, so keep working on your writing.

Reviewer E
3/5/2013 c5 Megan
Can't wait till you write another.
3/5/2013 c5 Guest
Keep at this story! there are not many good fanfictions out there and this is one of them (liking the post traumatic stress especially!)
3/4/2013 c4 tripoli
post more!
3/5/2013 c5 1CleanMurda-2012
I would say be more descriptive that's it
3/5/2013 c5 allen r
ok next time tell us who is with annabeth. you never stated who she was talking to or holding hands with. I know it had to be percy but get in habbit of saying it. not tring to be mean just a helpful idea.
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